A Surplus Of Open-Sourced Terrain Maps

A Plethora of Open-Sourced Maps

Hi there! I’m @FxllenCode. You probably have seen me around with my huge, ridiculously sized showcases. You might also know me from commissions.

As a terrain artist, often times during commisions, I have to start back from scratch. This leaves me with lots of maps that have no use.

The Maps! :tada:

I’ll be dividing these maps up based on what they are for.

Star Wars/Sci-Fi Maps

Star Wars 1

The game:



Star Wars 2

The game:



Star Wars 3

The game:



Star Wars 4

The game:



Island Maps

Island 1

The game:



Mountain Maps


The game:




Q: How did you make these?

A: I used Quadspinner Gaea, and then a part to terrain converter.

Q: How long did these take?

A: Your better off not knowing… :wink:

Q: How much are these worth?

A: 10k-50k robux.

Q: None of these are good for me, what do I do?

A: Commission me, here is my portfolio:

[OPEN] FxllenCode | Terrain Artist, Environmental Designer, Lighting Expert

Q: Someone is reselling this, what do I do?

A: Report them to me on this topic.

Do’s and Dont’s


:white_check_mark: Use them in your game.

:white_check_mark: Give Credit. (Not Required).

:white_check_mark: Report resellers.

:white_check_mark: Support me below.


:x: Attempt to resell these.

:x: Use them on your portfolio.

:x: Claim these as your own.

Support the Creator!

Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot!

Join my group:

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Donate to me:

Thank you everyone, and happy developing! :partying_face:


Thank you for this amazing terrain map. It would be cool if you could make like a snowy mountain terrain.

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You can commission it if you need it! These maps are just ones that I made for commissions that fell through.

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Holy Cannoli BatMan, these are some good terrain maps! :heart:

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Wow! These look amazing, sadly though I doubt I’ll have a use for these and these will probably annoy my computer (I only have 8GB RAM). I wanted to take a quick section out of this and just show how surprised I am at this section.

Wow, that is seriously a lot of Robux, I don’t want to know how long you took but wow, the time this must have taken and then you decided to open source these.


Also, seriously how much time did each of these take?

A lot of time. Too much time. :laughing:

Wait, but I really want to know how much time.

Depends. Some took as little had 6 hours, others room 20-50.

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I’ve changed the name per the request of @iGottic. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Added a new map! Find it here:

Sadly, I was scammed out of this one. :pensive: Lucky for you, it’s now open sourced! :tada: Enjoy, and happy developing! :partying_face: