A sword fight game where you are a sword, and you fight with a tiny version of your avatar

Got the idea from user ‘MP3face’ in this thread: Any Roblox game ideas? Like simple and fun game - #2 by MP3Face
Anyways, I just want some feedback on my whole execution of the idea, as well as knowing about any bugs you may encounter(when I tested it on mobile, I encountered a strange bug where the “human” tool in your backpack would refuse to load a humanoid at all. I’m not sure if it’s just mobile or not where this occurs, as I didn’t encounter it when testing on PC.)
Anyways, past that long block of text, here’s the link to the game:
Human Sword Fight - Roblox
Here’s some in-game screenshots of the map/game icon just because:


Such a fantastic game idea, I couldn’t figure out what the game’s goal was for a few minutes until I realized what was going on :rofl:

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Honestly didn’t expect such player confusion, but I’m glad we were able to work through it together!

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That is da wonkiest game I have ever seen. why am I sword and I am swinging my character. So epic

Interesting. I saw the thread this came from and wondered what would become of it.

My suggestions:

  • Make the character (weapon) upright in idle position.
  • Add a wipeouts counter.
  • Using your character as a weapon is an interesting idea that could go far. What other mechanics spring to mind when you think of having a small character to bat things around with? Maybe your weapon can die and has to respawn…
  • Consider making the game R6, since its walk animation is far more subdued and wouldn’t make the sword bounce around so much.
  • I find that the sword turns sideways after you lunge with the human.
  • Maybe change the icon of the weapon to your avatar thumbnail if you can.

Now what if… your human sword carried a sword, which they swing when you swing them? :thinking:

The confines of Roblox’s engine surely cannot do such. the technology just doesn’t exist yet!

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Nice game though, I like it…

Also the mobile bug is sadly annoying