A very particular place, don't you think?

I made this Forest maybe? or something similar with models also created by me
what do you think?
Do you think there is something that should improve?

Do you like?
  • Yes, i’m think i’ts good
  • No, i’ts bad

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Love itm exceot something seems wrong about rock textures. and the tree textures look like rock.

Colors are very weird… I don’t feel them

Sky doesn’t really fit the enviroment, well the color atleast

Rocks look soft…?

The yellow orange ish grass on the left and right seems unnatural

I was inspired by this scene, I think I can’t convey the same vibe.

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When you say the Tree, do you mean the leaves or the trunk?

I mean the leaves.Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 9.37.03 AM

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The tree textures look odd. The grass is also weird, with the tall grass being orange/yellow, and the ground is green. Other than that, this is fine.

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Okey, very thanks for the comments

Looks awesome, try playing around with the lighting, you could make it much more realistic with it (if that’s what you’re planning on going for)

Overall, keep up the great work.

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The lighting is amazing I just thing the trees and rocks need a different texture/colour.

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Everything is good, but everything can also be better XD

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yes xD, I’m already working on improving everything

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This instantly made me thing LOZ: TWP for some reason??
Looks pretty good but also off a bit.

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TOLZ is my favorite video game for me, it is a compliment that I said that my assets are similar, I suppose that the colors are something out of place and I think that is what takes everything out of place, thanks for the comment

Yeah! It was one of the best experiences in gaming that I’ve had to date.
Not sure if you’re talking about twilight princess-it looks like almost straight out of the opening cut.
Hats(perchance a mimish cap?) off to you, with some improvement this would be epic.
I really want a NES to play old zelda games :pensive:

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