A way to check if a Sound is by APM Music


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to check if a sound is by APM Music, and thus makes it difficult to comply with the 250 APM music maximum if you have ways players can play their own music (radio game passes). You can check by checking if the sound author is ROBLOX and if they have “APM Music” in their description, but I think this could be made easier by having a simple API developers can call.

local audioId = 1491039643
local audioData = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(audioId)
if audioData.Creator.CreatorTargetId == 1 then
	if string.find(audioData.Description, "Courtesy of APM Music.") ~= nil then
		print("Sound is by APM Music.")


I’m aware, that’s what I referenced in my OP. Just would be nice to have a native API for it.


just stick it in ur scripts as a global function, maybe what would be better is a property like ‘restricted’ or something that players can set too


It’s pretty simple to keep a personal log of which and/or how many APM audios you have in your game, if not putting all the music IDs in a table or parenting all the music Sound objects in a dedicated bin.


I’m referring specifically to products like radio game passes, where users can put in their own music.


I definitely think radio game passes are going to be a tetchy subject at this point (especially considering that most people like to play copyrighted songs, too). I’ve never had a radio game pass in my game but I think that Roblox would want us to provide a pre-made list of music instead of letting players input their own, thus safely managing the royalty free music limit. It may not be what players want but we all need to respect Roblox’s rules.


Lets not bloat the api with unnecassary functions. Use the snippet provided in this thread