Ability to award self-uploaded catalog items when players get badges in our games

As a roblox developer, it is current impossible to give out clothing for completing badges. This is a power that is only given to games temporarily and during events and developers have no control over what the items the badges reward are.

My proposed improvement is to add a system where a dev can spend robux in order to upgrade badges to reward badges, that give out a t-shirt, shirt or pants, or other ugc item (robux price of upgrading the badge based on reward type), where we can give custom made items to our players for achieving badges. This would let us have meaningful rewards for players who complete difficult quests, invite lots of friends, or play for long periods of time. Developers can also just give out easy badges that give out clothing with the games logo on it, so that players can get a nice shirt for free and developers get (semi)free advertisement from players wearing the shirt.


as a player, I wouldn’t want my inventory filled with clothing I personally did not purchase.

If it’s as simple as a badge reward, what would be stopping a developer from adding rewards to “You visited!” badges/etc?


It costs robux to uprade badges, and the developer would not get much retention benefit from having their only reward badge for joining the game, so its a lose-lose for them if they choose to do that.

You aren’t the target audience of this system, you are an roblox trader with millions of robux(i assume) and tons of limiteds. Getting free clothing may not be of interest to you, but to a free to play user or user who would rather spend robux on gamepasses and devproducts instead of hats and clothing, this system would greatly benefit their ability to customize their avatar and express themselves, which is a reward to them. What part of this system would be of benefit to you is giving out shirts for getting achievements in your game that you made to your players.


Leading on from what @WhoseTrade said, some users might not want clothing added to their inventory.

A possible solution could be a popup notification which asks the user if they want to add the clothing to their inventory (Similar to the product purchase popup).


If I was evil, I would:

  1. Rip a bunch of paid shirts from the catalog.
  2. Put them in my game as reward badges.
  3. Give them away to visitors for free upon entering the game.

This is a problem. How would this be addressed?


Thats a good point, maybe this feature should only be given to games that qualify for the new live-ops feature, and the feature can be integrated with live-ops feature by advertising the game with the items you can win by playing the game


I’m in full agreeance with @ITBV. I think the process would be greatly improved by prompting the user as a free redemption. I also don’t see the purpose in running this with attachment to badges in any way.

I’ve wanted the ability to give out items I made (and can sell) since as far back as December 2008. In my mind here’s the ideal process:

  1. A service is invoked to give an item to a player.
  2. The player receives a Roblox core GUI prompt asking if they would like to add the item to their inventory.
  3. An asynchronous event is fired containing the player, item ID, and if it was successfully granted or not.

If this sounds familiar it’s because it’s exactly how selling game passes works except the Roblox prompt is for accepting a free item rather than making a purchase. If I can already sell my items I see no reason I shouldn’t be able to give them away too. This allows for all sorts of functionality of rewarding players.

Live-Ops can have prizes like exclusive t-shirts, shirts, and pants that are earned during limited time events rather than sold for limited times only, which is a huge community empowerment tool. It also doesn’t overstep bounds of adding items to players inventories that they don’t want. As is I hate badges because they mean nothing as they are just shoved into my inventory and if I play a couple games there are too many for me to deal with. With an approval decline system like this I just wouldn’t keep playing a game if it kept asking to add something I didn’t want in my inventory.


It made sense to me since roblox already has had the functionality to give items via badges, as they have done with events for a very long time, and it would show players what they can earn. Your ideas are very good I agree on them


as much as i love the idea i don’t see it becoming a reality, way too much risk for roblox
developers can test all their wacky marketing ideas in their own spaces, but when devs are let out of their confined development bubbles, and presented with an entire catalog of possibilites it can get dangerous

…but it’s fun to imagine the possibilites
my idea:

  1. give out a UGC item with a big ol game logo for playing
  2. give an in-game reward (2x coin boost) for wearing the item in game
  3. players don’t take off item, and advertise your game everywhere else

I like the idea of being able to give out rewards to customise your avatar now that monthly events are going to be removed. However there is a few major issues that need to be solved that could potentially stop this being a feature:

  • Lets say this does become a feature what will stop people creating lots of clothing to be rewarded. I feel there should be a cap for how many items of clothing a developer can reward, maybe 3-5 items at most. This will help stop your inventory from being flooded with pages of items of clothing.

  • This feature may increase the potential for scam games. When you join one of those games you could get lots of clothing added to your inventory saying, “Free robux if you go to this website”. To counter this there will have to be an approval process of some kind to stop any game from adding these types of clothing as rewards. This could also solve the issue stated above as well. However this could potentially put a huge workload on Roblox.

  • What is stopping developers from giving out clothing as rewards that is against the terms of use. Then stated in the OP, what stops developers from copy clothing from the catalog that costs robux then offering it as a reward for free when entering your game. The solution could be the solution stated above, have an approval process.

Advantages of this feature:

  • Developers will be able to promote their games in more ways. This could increase player counts and profits made from games.

  • Developers will be able to run their own events and offer rewards that players can custimize their avatars with. This could co aside with live ops very well.

  • This will give developers more control over their games.


With the recent update to the announcement that prompted this request to include monthly and seasonal events I find it more important now than ever to see the ability to reward user-created items like T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants than ever before.

Even without new content types for developers (like Hats/Accessories) being able to give out themed clothing for events would help stitch together the loss of community we are seeing.

I’d really hope to see the ability to prompt users to add an item to their inventory on the site added so that developers have the ability to actually create their own events that have impact.


I’d like to readdress a different solution because, although I like the one Chess put out there, I feel as if it would be better for these gamepass options-- if they were to be a reasonable cost (such as 1000 robux per upgrade)-- to be available to everyone. Instead, Roblox could push this out with better security for clothing creators by ensuring that their assets are not accessible on-site at all.


Roblox listened and we are getting this feature :yum: