Ability to change group name

This post has been made countless times, but I feel like it really needs to be considered.

Adding the ability to change group name (for say 1000R$) would help out a LOT of people, like development groups.

It’s one of my most wanted features on roblox ever since I joined. I hate how you can only get a group name changed if there is something wrong with the name itself, and not for your own personal reason.



This is something that not only you but a lot of other users wish to see.

A potential problem I can see however is the drastic change of purpose of a group, let me give you an example to help illustrate what I mean.

Say ‘group A’ had 50,000 members join it. During this time, ‘group A’ advertised itself as a “Fan Club” for a popular game.
Then, ‘group A’ renames itself to something that changes its’ purpose from a “Fan Club” to a “War Clan”.
Those 50,000 members were mislead into joining what they thought was a fan club but are now part of a virtual military.

It’s unfortunately nothing we can prevent but I feel that there could be a lot of people mislead and abusing this feature.


I think 1000R$ is rather cheap in some cases, maybe it should be linked in some way to member count (like several tiers). This seems more fair because changing the name of a group with 5 members has less impact than changing the name of a group with 50k members.

I have to say that I would be interested in this feature myself too though, for example I may want to rename my development group in the feature.


Are CS then able to expand their allowed requests for group name changes?


Well that’s a tough one because at the moment group name changes are only done for copyright issues (I believe).

The issue is, listing the purposes someone might want to change group names. If they’re wanting to change the name to change the purpose of the group then no, I wouldn’t support that (See my previous post for why) but if it was changing a group name within the same category, sure that’s no big deal.

Issue is, there’s no official and fixed “categories” so the process isn’t as simple as 1, 2, 3.


What if name changes send out a message to all group members making them aware of the change. Giving all users the ability to leave if such an event course could be a step towards fixing that issue. Still doesn’t really fix it though…


Last time they allowed a group name change for non-copyright related reasons, NBC shirt creators changed their group name to spite a smaller group. There hasn’t been a good track record for group name changing.


Exactly, this is when they changed their name to the “UK” after being denied the “USA” role-play name and it changed the whole dynamics of the group and spited other groups.


Sure, but that doesn’t solve much as they’re still technically there


Notifying members gives them the option to leave, so in a way it’s a partial solution


I guess so


You’re suggesting that under the assumption that everyone would see the notification immediately. If I’m on a week or two break from ROBLOX and “The Epic Soldiers” changed to “Fruity Pony Lovers” the day I left, people have been seeing me in that group for two weeks.

Name changing with optional leaving wouldn’t be particularly effective. Replace all “for name changes” with “for when the owner creates a new group” and that becomes more clear. E.g.

“It’s fine if the group name changes and keeps all members because they can leave


“It’s fine if the group leader keeps all members from his old group whenever he creates a new one because they can leave

This has been suggested numerous times, and we don’t need to go in circles discussing the feature. @Lilly_S please lock so we can resume discussion on an existing thread.


NBC Shirt Creators is an edge case. It doesn’t demonstrate how features will be used in the greater community; only how features can be abused. Granted, it’s necessary to design for that case.

I think the concerns in this thread can be mostly addressed by

  • Moderating name changes to ensure there’s no change in purpose
  • Only allowing 2-3 name changes
  • Charging a ton for name changes
  • Notifying members

I just gave my friend the group that has his UserId and it would be nice if he didn’t have to keep the original irrelevant name.

Separately from usernames, I don’t think it would be necessary to make the previous name unavailable to name a new group like how players can’t signup with a name someone else has had previously.


I can only think of those 2 solutions:

  • Allow group changes (if the new name isn’t taken, as with usernames) but delete all members in the process
  • Start a change process:
    Process takes a week, only after that week the name is actually changed.
    All members will have a button “Stay in group”, which’ll keep them in the group after that week.
    All other members will be kicked out of it

In both cases an automated mail can be sent to all the (ex-)members about the name change.


Would have to be a cancelable process because accounts could get compromised and kicking people out would not be good for large groups if they were to fall into the wrong hands, I get they can take ownership and start exiling, but that is a lengthy process.


That’ll work since it defaults to being kicked out instead of staying. 1 week cancelable sounds good too in case someone does get a hold of your group.


Hello everyone, I would like to bring an idea today into the community that may benefit those who own groups and are having trouble with possibly the name of the group.

On Roblox, every user has the ability to change there username, with the price of 1,000 Robux. I was wondering if we could possibly get the same setting for groups, but possibly make it more strict, as in we could have the group re-naming be worth about 10,000 Robux to prevent spam of trying to modify the group name multiple times. Another idea is we could give players a limit on how many re-name changes could happen, for example, a player could be given 3 chances to change there username if needed, but once used up all 3 chances, they might need to pay an extra fee to get another chance to modify the group name.

Note: Group name changing will be automatically set to owner only by default, to avoid other members of the group from trying to change the groups name. For a more secure way, it could possibly ask for a verify from the Owners email if have one to verify they allow this group change name to take place if someone else in the group has the funds to spend to change the name.

I decided to bring this idea up because lately we have all experienced with the Roblox filter, and that could be messing up group names as well, such as making it all tagged out and can’t be searched or seen by the public. This for example, could cause groups to be unsearchable if you are searching for a group, as shown below when searching for the group, “Hilton” on the search bar:

There is also the problem where we may accidentally click on the button to make the group, but then notice the name would be miss-spelled or not the way you want it to be.

Note: If a player was to miss-spell there group name by accident or adds a character to a word in the groups name by mistake, it may censor the groups name when a player tries to search, so this could be a way to fix that problem if happens.

Here is an example of where the button would be placed if this system was implemented:

Note: Only the owner would be able to see the button automatically by default, but they could modify the settings to allow other members who may have funds to change the group name to Re-Name the group, but if this happens, it will send a message to owner asking for verification to allow this name change to take place.

Here is an example of the box that will pop up once clicked on to re-name:

Note: The attempts will prevent players from max spamming the change group name button, but if they need another chance, they could be able to purchase another attempt but will slowly get higher if keep purchasing over and over if happens. The player would also be able to see original group name they made, and then type the new group name below and purchase the new name change for the group.

Final Remarks:
This system would be great because with it, it will prevent “spammed” roblox groups. This means if a player were to make a group and it got censor, they would have to spend another 100 robux to make and launch another group, which will make the player possibly frustrated or if they messed up on the name. This is a way that assures the player could be happy without over spending Robux just to make multiple groups.

Price Notes:
I put 10,000 robux as a example due to the fact that players would possibly spam the rename group button, but another idea for pricing is it will start 200 the first time you need to change the name, and for every time you want to change the name, the price will go up 100 robux as if you were buying a roblox group for a group that already exist.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this could actually be a real thing in future! :smiley:


I like the idea of a high fee like 10k. It’ll help weave out the people who are changing a name just to change it.

Personally, I find being able to change the name of a group something useful, and of-course just like anything it can be abused.

Maybe, instead of having it open to everyone, have restrictions like;

  • Only the original group creator can change the name
  • The users account must be at least 1 year old
  • The group must have atleast 100 members.
  • High fee for changing the name

That way people can’t just change their group names because they feel like it.


I really like this idea!