Ability to detect multiple instances of an out-of-game product purchase

Right now there is a scenario where the developer is unable to fulfill a purchase the user can make. If a product awards a benefit on purchase, such as bonus ingame currency, the developer fulfills this purchase by checking if the product is currently owned when the user joins the game. If the user purchases the product more than once before joining the game that information will be lost. This leads to the user spending money without receiving what was promised.

I want a legitimate “product purchased out of game” signal, instead of the current “check ownership on join” method.

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To clarify: By “product” do you mean dev product or gamepass?

I assume you mean gamepass because dev products can’t be purchased outside of games. So the scenario here is that a user purchased a gamepass, deleted it from their inventory, and then purchased it again? This seems like a rare and bizarre scenario to be concerned with, especially since gamepass rewards are typically not consumable – i.e. you have them or you don’t.


“Rare and bizarre” are not reasons to dismiss this. Right now on Roblox the user can spend money and receive nothing in return, and as a developer there is no way to award the item they purchased. That should be more than enough reason to address this oversight.

This is simply not true. Here are some examples from the front page.

  • Adopt Me’s Starter Pack awards coins on purchase
  • Bee Sim’s VIP awards a loot crate
  • Bee Swarm Simulator’s Bear Bee awards an item

I think the correct solution here is just not to allow deleting gamepasses. Developers should just provide a toggle ingame to control availability of the gamepass privileges if it’s important. Gamepasses are not meant to be multi-purchase.

The use cases you show should be fulfilled by developer products, advertising space for these can be shown on the game details page. They could launch the game with joindata containing the requested product, and the developer could auto-open UI for it. Otherwise infra could be added to queue dev product purchases outside of the game for processing ingame on next join.