Ability to execute a singular script

As a Roblox developer, it’s difficult to execute a single script while running, debugging a script without using alternative workarounds that harm current workflows.

In my sandbox, I’ve create some scripts or functions that I want to debug in individual scripts for each one, whenever I run studio, statements or sections of code from other scripts interfere with debugging on a particular script. TMK visual studio code runs a single script file if it’s opened, a tool named ’Execute Script’ (script_lightning) should behave to run a script that’s opened in studio.

Disabling all scripts that I don’t want to execute before running isn’t a viable solution, especially in game environments.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I can run an script individually without multiple scripts interfering in output or universe.


I know it’s hacky but does this work?

local Selection = game:GetService("Selection")

local selectedScript = Selection:Get()[1]
if selectedScript and selectedScript:IsA("Script") then
  local moduleScript = Instance.new("ModuleScript")
  moduleScript.Source = selectedScript.Source .. "\nreturn false"

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You can run it in the output or paste it into InCommand. Although this won’t work for most cases (most people have a script.Parent in the code). So, I would want this feature as well.

This works, however, this isn’t a long term solution to almost each of my scripts, which requires modules, parents, etc. Same goes for pasting code onto an external source, or command bar.

Scripts can edit and pollute the datamodel in a game environment outside of normal runtime. This isn’t very desirable just for the purpose of testing code. You should copy and paste these scripts into a new baseplate in a separate Studio session to test them.


Maybe a Run Script in Sandbox button which is the same as Run, but only executes the selected script? This would be a somewhat useful feature if you need to test the entire datamodel without any other scripts running.

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