Ability to filter by translator in localization suite

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too difficult to find all translations by a specific user.

This would improve my development experience by giving me easy access to translations that:

Need replaced or edited

The developer may have hired someone resulting in poor translations, and a player might tell the developer they can fix them, but the developer had multiple translators work on the game and has determined that it was the work of a specific translator was poor. This translator could benefit from a view that only shows the questionable translations, rather than having to individually click on each string.

I know multiple developers who have been brought on to fix translations by individuals who could be easily filtered with a feature like this.


Often times, translators especially when working with other translators end up telling the developer how many strings they’ve completed, because both developers and translators only see a total number which only counts Game Strings in the Localization Portal.


As someone who manages the translation process for developers on Roblox, this is massively important to me as I’m entrusted to give developers correct numbers in regards to finished strings per translator, so they can be paid the correct amount.

I just had to go through each translation in a game with over 1000 translations to determine payment per string for each translator which took over 30 minutes. Translators counting how many strings (and words) they do is impractical, especially with large amounts of strings in the suite.