Localization Portal progress meter doesn't take Game Information or Game Products into account

When viewing the status of a game in the Translator Portal, I expect to see an accurate percentage of translation progress but this isn’t currently the case.

Currently it’s only showing me Game Strings which is an issue for a couple of reasons:

1. Translators don’t know if they’ve finished every product without manually selecting them, this can take a long time for games with many pages of products.

2. As someone who manages translations for games, I have to go through each language and manually check if each string is done, to ensure the job is complete before I send it off. For games like Saber Simulator, this takes an extremely long time as the game has many game passes and developer products, multiplied by the amount of languages the developer wants for their game.

This happens 100% of the time for every place.

Here is an example of a place that shows it has 100% translation progress despite having untranslated Game Information and Game Products.



Thank you for reporting! Looking into it!


This is still happening and takes up a ton of my time each time we translate a game, can you please look into it again?