Ability to freely transfer avatar items and currency between your accounts

As a Roblox user, it is currently too hard to transfer avatar items and currency (R$) from one of your accounts to another. By avatar items, I am referring to assets which can be equipped onto your avatar via the avatar page.

Currently, only limited avatar items can be transferred amongst accounts under the condition that both accounts are subscribed to Premium and have at least 1 tradable limited item. Under abnormal conditions, you could alternatively have Roblox CS transfer any avatar item even though they will deny they do, but…good luck with that.

And currency could be transferred through multiple means but it will be taxed. Generally, you pay real money or be taxed before receiving R$. I do not see a feasible reason why a second unnecessary taxation (a payment) should occur.

As such, I would greatly appreciate the ability to freely (without condition) transfer avatar items and currency between active accounts associated with the same alternative address. I mentioned active accounts as transferring currency and avatar items from an inactive (banned) account to an active account would degrade the incentive to abide by the Roblox terms of service and community guidelines. If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because it would allow me to easily express myself through fashion across many accounts as I could transfer items and currencies from an account which has a lot to an account that does not have a lot and could use those resources.


Cool idea, but Roblox will never do it because they like being able to tax you and make you buy an item multiple times.


This feature would help so many people! Yes, even including alt account scammers that take robux from people and will want to transfer it to their main account seamlessly so they can DevEx it for USD as quickly as possible.

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I don’t think this feature should deserve all the blame. The user should have kept their account secure and not have fallen victim to social engineering. Your concern roots in human error.

Unlike the past, there is 2FA and a parent pin. If these are both enabled, you can’t change an email address without going through these first. Additionally, even if an account does not have 2FA enabled, when someone tries to access the account from another location, they will have to go through 2FA (they will have to provide a code sent to the email address associated with the account) and the true owner will be informed of the location of where the other person is attempting to access the account from.

If this feature were to be accepted, the only difference between before and after it is implemented, would be the amt the compromiser gains, if they manage to get through the mentioned barriers thanks to a naive victim, that is. Roblox CS could help bring justice (I hope) in the case that occurs.

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Let’s go a layer higher here so we don’t talk about XY solutions. Can you explain for what reason you need to actively use multiple accounts with their own avatar libraries, rather than having 1 account where you just switch between avatars?


I’m not the OP, but I do have some possible reason about the usefulness for this.

  1. User wants to transfer to an account where it clears off their friends and followings
  2. User is denied of username history removal
  3. User is constantly being harassed by one even if they blocked the account
  4. User wants a fresher account where they can transfer from their content creation (or developer) account to their personal account

It gives seamless transition for privacy but under the same identity and with convenience, maintaining themselves on the platform for longer.


These sound like one-time transfer will do the job rather than “freely transfer”, right?

If we were to hypothetically solve these issues:

  • letting you remove username history
  • better blocking functionality (can you explain how people are harassing you?)

Is there still a reason to have this feature at all?


In hypothesis, if I were to have these problems users already have, the alternative solutions said would be nicer than the feature proposed.

I believe the OP has other reasons though.

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Sure, these features would solve a lot of issues, but for someone trying to move accounts permanently, they would be unable to have their items transferred to the account, which would make it so much more expensive and even impossible to re-purchase unavailable items.

therefore it would be much more efficient for users to be able to transfer their target account’s current currency and items directly to a new or separate account. Though I disagree on the “without condition” from the original post as it could cause several issues to pop up if you could freely give any account your current items & currency such as giving multiple accounts expensive limiteds, which is where the “one-time transfer” would correctly come in. (also possibly revoking the items from the original account)


Moving accounts seems like a very disruptive action, so I’m trying to dig in and see what problems you are actually trying to solve by moving accounts. We can likely do a better job solving the few issues that cause you to think you need to move accounts, vs. needing to implement transfer-like features for every single kind of item on your account that you might need to transfer in such an account move situation.

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Let me ask you something. Why does Roblox allow us to use multiple active accounts? Are you implying that I should not be able to dress up my alts just because my main account is dressed? Should my other accounts not have items?

I know that’s not what you’re trying to say, but I found the question ridiculous, I am receiving the impression that you’re actually asking why I feel the need to use alts in the first place when my main is active and already dressed according to my liking, correct? If so, understandable.

Here are my reasons:

  1. To save money. Okay? That’s my primary goal. If I have stuff laying around in my main account that I don’t want to wear on my main but would rather have it worn on my alt, then I’d love to transfer them to my alt to wear instead of shopping for alt account avatar items. I would also feel a bit better in the case my main were ever banned after transferring as I was able to save items from my main account. In regard to currency transfer, I have already explained in the thread body.

I don’t want my money burning in thin air. If I’m going to buy new things using my alt, I want to use all that I can get from my main.

  1. To feel more like myself when I want to lay low and take a break from others (for anonymity purposes). Kind of what snapnat was speaking about before (below). Dressing myself the way I want to when I don’t want to use my main would be useful.
  1. To take advantage of new engine features. This may sound malicious but it’s just taking advantage of a loophole. Some experiences offer perks and benefits if an account is wearing a UGC item created by the experience creators. Using the perks and benefits, you can get more UGC items easier and faster. By being able to transfer an item that would benefit you in-game from account to account, you can easily hoard new UGC limiteds. The new feature that is being taken advantage of in this example is the ability to win UGC limiteds for free through experiences. I’m not the best explainer, but I hope you will get what I’m trying to say in this third one.

I don’t know I’m guessing that I just didn’t understand your question but if you allow us the ability to own multiple active accounts, I feel as though I should be able to suggest things based on this.

Some issues that may come up:

  • Stalking, (You could implement Private Profiles)
  • Awkward Chat History & Messaging History,
  • Past Usernames, (Already Stated)
  • User-Uploaded Clothing that cannot be deleted or archived,
  • Possible Birthdate, Locked Pin Mistakes.,
  • Just wanting to move on in-general.
  • Extremely hard to reverse things such as: 400+ games (created), 400+ favorites, etc.,
  • Something else irremovable from the profile (That I’m unaware of)

I know I’m not listing them all but these are the most notable that I’m aware of.

As well as, what if I’ve already sank USD into items on another account? how am I to move these when I’ve already done it before the hypothetical “new features” were to be implemented?

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You’re risking the collapse of the Roblox Economy if your account has any sort of value to it if this hypothetical infinite transfer system were to be added. Even in-general, what would be the point of even buying currency if anyone can just gift you their items? :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

I do not see how.

You are just moving things from point X to point Y. I do not see a monetary loss for Roblox.

It’s not anyone. I am not requesting something like the ability to do giveaways. I’m requesting the ability to move some possessions from one of your accounts to another one of your accounts.

If you can gift your entire accounts items and current currency to ANY account, it would be an extreme loss for Roblox Corporation. It would make people less likely to purchase any Currency due to the fact that anybody could gift you their belongings.

What’s the point of buying Currency if somebody rich like Linkmon99 could just gift you their entire inventory, to multiple accounts, infinitely?

It’s not any, it’s your alts!

Linkmon99 wouldn’t be able to gift me anything and neither would you!!!

There’s no sure way of telling what’s your alt and what isn’t.




For Example, if Roblox were to have a “Alt Implement” System, that went by you typing in you’re alt’s names, what’s hypothetically stopping you from typing in anyone’s username?

There’s no sure way of making sure an alt belongs to you, someone could allow you log-in to their account if the method was to log-in to an alt to verify it’s yours. These are just examples that no matter what you do there’s never gonna be an effective way of telling that an account belongs to the specific person.

Please elaborate how it is disrputive, I am really curious.