Ability to highlight and bold text inside in-game chat

Hello everyone!

Currently, right now, it is currently too hard to have a system or setting to be able to underline, bolden or highlight a specific letter or word onto the chat inside a game when talking to users/friends or trying to replicate a chat message for players to view or possibly response.

At the moment, you can already highlight text on the chat client currently which was here for a very long time but I don’t understand the main purpose of having a highlighting in the client until I thought about this idea. Having a tab after you highlighted the word would be interesting for users to use and have fun with it when customizing it inside studio or explaining something to a user, like make this word Bold, underlined and maybe color the text like this or this.

Here is an example of what it looks like right now:


With the addition of RichText being added onto Roblox engines and developers to test it out in beta, it would be a game-changer for custom chat systems to make them easier to code and type out, but maybe as well as putting it into highlighting/coloring a certain letter or text that can become very useful and beneficial in some situations.

An example that I drew of what it could look like when highlighting a word:


If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my experience because it could be a cool addition for users and developers to test out and possibly be very useful for explaining to users what to do, experiment with chat messages from a LocalScript. Although there are other things you can do with this and I guess not editable inside studio, it won’t bypass anything as it just makes things bold, colored, or highlighted?

I might have not explained this very clear, but I guess you get the point.

So, any thoughts on this?


The weird I thing I see with this is that the chat is supposed to be quick and easy communication in which players will rarely use such formatting. Having the window appear each time you highlight text can get annoying when you realize that most of the time players won’t want to format their text.

Plus, this makes chat tags/colors quite useless because take this example: MM2 makes Elite (gamepass owners) players have a red chat tag. It’s usually used to emphasize them. But if non-Elite people can always format their text red, then it defeats the purpose of such a tag color in the first place.

Plus, IDK what kind of annoying tactics the bad players will come up with to ruin everyone’s day, but they somehow manage to do so.

Not saying the request is bad, but I don’t think it fits very well with the chat.


True, the chat is used to communicate and quick access to talk to users across the game but I don’t know if anyone really uses the highlighting system that we have currently. I rarely see people use it or talk about it.

I can see your point, but it won’t highlight the players’ username or leaderboard as it is just a certain part of the text but as well as people can just look at the users username in the chat and the leaderboard to check if they’re an elite or not.

I don’t think it defeats the purpose of tag colors as I don’t think anyone is going to highlight the whole text or anything but it could become a problem for some developers/users.

^ It would say: [Elite]: Username.

I guess it could fit well in the chat, but I can see where you’re coming from.

I often need to use italics or bolds for emphasis, so I will support that but I disagree with color. With RichText coming out we could make custom chats and we can detect **phrase** and *phrase* and so on so we can add this ourselves