Ability to insert Animations published to your profile/group into Studio using the Toolbox

As a roblox developer, it is currently too tedious to insert animations published to your profile, or to a group you own, into Studio. This slows down workflow enough for it to be a hindrance, especially if you are inserting multiple animations. This is also daunting for new users who may not know how to insert animations that they have published.

The current steps to insert an animation are as follows:

Using InsertService
  • Navigate to Develop page
  • Find and open the page of the published animation
  • Copy the ID
  • Type the following into Studio Command bar:
game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(ANIMATION_ID).Parent = game.Workspace
Using the Animation Editor
  • Insert a Rig into Workspace
  • Open the Animation Editor and Select the rig
  • Click File > Import, wait for it to load and select one Animation. Once loaded:
  • Click File > Save, type in a name and click ‘Save’.
  • Locate Animation inside AnimSaves inside the Rig.

Doing these steps over and over again to insert multiple animations into studio, whether that’s to republish them to a different place, or modify them can be tedious and just painful to do.

My Proposal:

Allow users to insert animations that they or their group own directly from the Toolbox in Studio, much like Models, Decals, and Audio. This not only significantly speeds up the process, but also makes it much easier for newer users to do.

For example:

Options would be added here saying ‘My Animations’ and ‘Group Animations’.