Ability to insert packages / retrieve assetIds of their components

Continuing the discussion from Is there any way to insert packages without a web proxy?:

Currently there’s no way to insert packages without using a web proxy. The package can’t be inserted by default, so you have to insert its components one by one and the only way to find out the assetIds of the components given the assetId of the entire package is through a web proxy. Web proxies aren’t reliable and it would be very nice if we could insert packages natively.

Being able to insert entire packages by their ID would probably be the cleanest because nothing needs to be added to the API and there’s not that one random thing that just works for packages, but a method to retrieve the assetId of package components would work too.


game:GetService’MarketplaceService’:GetPackageAssets( 124909639 )

could return the table like this does http://www.roblox.com/Game/GetAssetIdsForPackageId?packageId=124909639

Or something else?