Ability to limit translator access to only selected languages

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to limit a translator’s access to certain languages in the localization suite.

After using built-in Roblox localization tools, I’ve noticed that whitelisted translators can change localization for every language available. It’s been bothering me since the suite got implemented, as it’s easy to abuse this system.

I would like to suggest a feature, which lets developers limit a translator’s access to certain, selected languages. But why?

  • Some developers don’t want translators to have access to every language available
  • If somehow a “griefer” gets access to the localization suite, they will be able to change translation for every language. For example, changing the game’s name to something inappropriate in every language

If this issue is addressed, it would make the process of localizing games much easier and safer for the developer.


This would be really useful to have. Developers I’ve worked with have occasionally encountered translators translating entire games with the wrong language selected because they didn’t expect to have access to every language, and naturally started translating. After the work is done, after some confusion it’s often noticed that the translations are actually under another language (often Albanian because that’s the first language in the alphabetical list). Translators familiar with other services like CrowdIn don’t encounter this type of issue because it’s a manual opt in per language.

More often than not, I don’t want translators having access to multiple languages and I’d prefer to do that manually.


This is still very much needed.

I have had cases where translators translated the wrong language or bits of the wrong language because the wrong locale was selected, plus it would be much more organized to be able to set each translator’s language from the portal rather than have to keep a separate list for every translator added to the game.