Localization Portal | Saving back to an empty string

I’ve been very focused on localizing a game for a couple months now. I constantly spend time preparing and tweaking the entries inside the localization portal. I then commission translators to translate these entries. However, a common issue I continue to run into is that a translator will open the localization portal and immediately start translating only to realize they have been translating in Bokmal, the language that always appears first in this case, for the past 10 minutes. Being a translator of a non-Bokmal language they realize their mistake. To fix this they almost always try to revert by saving as an empty string. Issue being that this action is prevented. You curranty can’t save back to an empty string.

I recently discovered many of the Bokmal entries had been mistakenly translated and left as the English version of the string because the website would not allow the translator to save back as empty. Problem is this leaves the entry marked as translated causing it to go undiscovered for some time. This was occurring in a handful of languages where about half were reported and the other half never reported. I believe if the ability to save an entry with the empty string was there, it would save on a lot of this confusion.

I’m requesting the ability to overwrite a translated entry with an empty string which would then mark this entry back to untranslated (green → black).

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Thanks for the feedback! We have this on our list to do soon!