Ability To Modify Built-In Video Recorder Quality

As a Roblox content creator, it is currently too hard to use the Roblox Player’s built-in video recorder to record a high-quality video. Currently, videos recorded with the built-in video recorder are recorded in undesirable 480p quality and may seem laggy and grainy when played. This pushes me away from using the built-in video recorder feature and pushes me towards utilizing a third-party video recording software to record Roblox videos as they offer me the freedom to record in higher resolutions as well as the ability to configure other settings which may affect outputted video quality. See the below examples of videos I recorded using the built-in video recorder:

If this issue were to be addressed, this would enable me to regularly use Roblox’s built-in video recorder to record Roblox videos and…


It’s been like that for so many years. That’s just how it is.


One word: Yikes, because we aren’t in the mid-late 2000s anymore! We’re now in 2023!

I am assuming it has remained this way to make it possible for as many devices as possible to record a video (this would include old, low-end devices).

Bug report topics are not supposed to be solution-oriented, but if it’s really intended behavior, it sounds as though the ability to modify video quality needs to be introduced. It would be quite useful if we could: modify output resolution, determine a common FPS value, and edit video bitrate. Perhaps the Roblox player could even automatically suggest or adjust itself to its own optimal, settings to video record at based on your used device. Those are just some ideas. I’m eager to see what engineers produce as a solution to this issue.

Anyhow, I seriously want to record videos that a large audience would desire watching without feeling the need to turn to a third-party software so I wish for this issue to be addressed.

Why are you so against using a third party recording software? Roblox would definitely not change it since they gain quite literally nothing from improving this feature because there is no reason to replace third party recording softwares with roblox’s even if they did.


It’s because I only use it for recording Roblox videos and just discovered Roblox has its own video recorder. If the Roblox video recorder produced videos in better quality, I would uninstall the third-party software and just use Roblox’s. Uninstalling the third-party software would also clear up a tiny bit of storage space on my device and my device would be using less memory.

Anyhow, the video recording feature exists and to reiterate my pain point, I think this existing feature should be fixed/improved so that I can seriously use it to create videos that people would watch as most people don’t prefer watching videos in this low quality. Right now, this feature seems quite useless to me as a content creator. I do not want to record videos looking like the examples in the thread body.

Of course I want the roblox recorder to be better, I’m just saying that’s how it’s been. Because of that, I think it would have made more sense as a feature request instead of a bug report!

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Okay, I have convertted the topic from a bug report to a feature request.

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I have a hard agree on this, I hate using the xbox recorder, and Sometimes I only want to record on roblox, Maybe they could use some FFlags

You should just find a recording software, Whatever roblox can offer for recording software probably cannot compare to a third party software specifically made for recording.

Even if roblox let you change the quality, im sure other recording softwares woild still be more performant.

I recommend Nvidia shadow play as its the fastest recording software ive used, and OBS which isnt as fast but has tons of settings to adjust it, optimize it and more features.