Ability to Pin Topics and Replies


I want to preface this by saying that I am totally unaware if this is doable or within the boundaries of the DevForum. I also want to apologize in advance if this is a duplicate; I searched for “pin” and “pinned” in this category and found nothing.


Many social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter will allow their users to pin a post (and often times more than one). Even forum-based social medias like Reddit and Quora offer this. At the very least, we should be able to pin one topic on our profile. Being able to pin 2+ topics and 2+ replies would be very appreciated.

How it will Work

When the author of a topic or reply clicks on the three dots located at the bottom right corner:
Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 8.14.02 PM
They will then be revealed with the options to bookmark, flag, edit, delete, or retrieve the link of the respective post. Another option to pin the respective post would be added, perhaps where the arrow indicates:

Currently, the top topics and replies on a user’s profile are sorted by the amount of likes. If this change were implemented, it would reveal pinned post(s) first and then resume to most liked, like so:

This may be stretching it, but we should also be given the option to order which pinned posts show up first.


Many users’ top topics and top replies are clogged with activity that they don’t necessarily want to be at the top. Instead, they may want to show off 2 or 3 of their cool creations, a handbook for their group, or whatever it may be.

How it is Different from Featured Topic

Featured Topic is currently limited to one topic. This feature request will provide the option to pin multiple topics, and ideally multiple replies as well. I also feel like Featured Topic looks sort of cluttered when coupled with location, website, etc. Pinned topics and replies would be more subtle and less in-your-face.

For example, when I click on their profile, their information card is quite literally bigger than their post:

It looks cleaner here, but I can only imagine how unoptimized it is for mobile (this is purely speculative and I haven’t checked):

Can Featured Topic and Pinned Topics/Replies Coexist?

I fully believe that pinned topics/replies can substitute Featured Topic entirely. If Featured Topic had to stay, a user should not be able to pin the same topic as their Featured Topic. It’ll get repetitive.


In short, I think we should be able to pin topics and replies. Please feel free to discuss or let me know if I missed anything.


Honestly, it might confuse the general conversation’s informations if you read like that, also, who’s going to have the rights to pin?

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Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I don’t understand how pinned topics/replies would ruin the general conversation’s intentions. Please elaborate on that if you don’t mind.

I think anyone Member+ should be able to pin. I don’t see how pinned posts can possibly be abused (especially if it’s capped at ~3 pinned topics & ~3 pinned replies per person).

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No people should not be able to pin. People would put their opinions or someone whom they support on top, ignoring the fact that it might not be worth it that much.

For topics, instead of adding new buttons, the already existing pin dropdown can be enabled for all topics instead of specific ones like this one - scroll down and you’ll see the option to pin/unpin. Oops, I misunderstood the thing. Sorry.

Hey! Thanks for your suggestion. This makes me wonder if you’ve used talent.roblox.com?

On the TalentHub you can create your own Creator Profile, which acts as a porfolio for all the cool things you’ve worked on. You can attach and rearrange experiences, which may have links (i.e. to DevForum posts).

This way, if you’re trying to show off things you have worked on you can just share your Creator Profile.

Plus, once you fill out your profile on the TalentHub you can apply to jobs and get hired based on your experiences!


Thanks for the response! I am familiar with the TalentHub, but that’s more concerned with portfolios/work. Pinned posts give you the freedom to pin whatever you’d like. I think I mentioned this above, but they also declutter the information card that appears when you click on someone’s profile.

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