Ability to regulate/turn off incoming Friend Requests

As a Roblox user, it’s impossible to prevent incoming Friend Requests, without blocking the user.
I’m constantly being Friend Requested by bots, and I want to be able to stop that, especially that I rarely accept a Friend Request.
Perhaps there could be some restrictions put on Friend Requesting, so that bots had more trouble with it, but just the ability to turn Friend Requests off would already be very helpful.

If Roblox was to adress this issue, I would have wider control over my privacy.

I realize there were similar threads, talking about expanding the settings for Friend Requests, but they’re very old, didn’t get much response and don’t quite adress turning them off completely specifically.


I would also like to add a suggestion here, that we can possibly have an option to limit getting friend requests to those who are any builders club, and perhaps also account age older than week/month(s)/year. So we don’t have to enable such an on/off setting every time we want to friend someone.

This could allow getting friend requests from more legit players as not every bot will have a BC membership, and most bots are created recently I assume so the account age would also prevent unwanted friend requests to a certain degree.

Messages already can be limited to Friends/Followers/Users I follow which helps prevent spam messages to you directly, but Friend Requests won’t work for that since well they aren’t your friend lol. But it would work if they followed you first, but who knows, bots might start following people to be able to do that. I’m surprised they dont already for messaging.


As much as we all hate the bots, I don’t think this is necessary.

Friend requests don’t hurt your gaming experience, and you can just choose to ignore them.


It’s not just for bots.
And actually, it hurts my experience quite a bit when someone doesn’t understand I won’t friend him or when I constantly have to go on site to ignore all requests which I should have the right to block in the first place.


Not to sound rude, but have you thought about just ignoring friend requests? And by that, I don’t mean going into it and hitting the ignore button, I mean like, just don’t ever open the friend request tab. Just let them build up. Thats what I do. If I ever need to friend someone I usually send them a request and let them know or do it in game.

And what you’re talking about is ‘fans’. You don’t want fans?


You can always change these settings regarding who can chat with you in game, and who can even join your games off your profile

edit2: was unaware that the “who can chat with me in game” setting only has two options: “everyone” and “no one”. Maybe this could be expanded to include “just friends” and “friends and users I follow”. I’m also unsure if this setting has to do with whisper messages or chatting in game as a whole.


Well, some don’t like seeing loose notifications on their screen.
Fans, trolls, it doesn’t really matter. I want to have the right to block Friend Requests completely.

I’m not sure why seem so against it. It’s not like you’d lose anything by this. It would only increase privacy setting’s quality, so we would have better control over our account.

Also, I’m talking about Friend Requests only.


You can change your notification settings so these don’t pop up.

I’m not necessarily against it. I just feel like it would add unnecessary work to the engineer’s already insane workload because receiving friend requests really doesn’t impact gameplay at all.

I meant the number next to your Friends button on the left tab, not the Notification stream. Sorry for not clarifying.

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Sorry, I may be thinking about something else, but could you clarify how that impacts your gaming experience?

You’re talking about this button right?

To put it simply, it’s an annoyance. I don’t accept Friend Requests from pretty much anyone now, and seeing them coming against my will and with absolutely no option to prevent it I decided to make this feature request.

Yes, I was speaking about that button.

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I guess some people are just different. Just my two cents. Friend requests have never had a negative impact on my platform experience at all.

The friend feature itself is a bit weird because there seem to be three types of people: those that spam friend requests, those that simply don’t accept friend requests, and bots. Given that the first and second type of person likely doesn’t care one way or the other, and the second type would probably as a whole prefer no friend requests, this seems like a decent feature to have. Whether or not it’s a priority at Roblox to make a change that just makes something look slightly nicer as a courtesy is a better question though.


Currently on the website there’s many bots lurking about that can excessively fill the friend requests tab. This is disturbing and I thought this may solve it:


Allowing everyone to pick who can send friend requests to them would improve privacy in multiple ways:

  1. Bots can’t reach you when you don’t allow them to. :smirk:
  2. Children’s guardians or the children themselves can protect them from users with bad intentions easier this way; (e.g scambots and evil people)
  3. Famous developers won’t have to skim through a massive amount of lists with friend requests because when they set it to ‘Users I Follow’ only these can send requests which makes looking for friends a lot more precise.
    Not many developers accept random friend requests anyway, so it’s only better. :smiley:

What do you think?


It’d be cool to see something like Facebook where people who have mutual friends can friend you. I’ve thought about this in the past, and how some features from other platforms could be extremely useful on Roblox. Another example is users who have a verified email can friend you, even adding onto that- view specific aspects of your profile. If I had the option, I’d hide my friends list all together and set it to where only someone with mutual friends could add me.


Who can send me friend requests?: “Users I follow, and Followers” seems redundant.

Instead a better option would be to add:
“Users that are in the same game as me”, to be honest this would actually make sense for friendly interactions. I get people I never met before sending me friend requests via site and it gets really annoying, it still happens even after explicitly saying I would not accept it (these are the non-bots but obviously bots do this too).

Another option would be “Mutual Friends”. This is kinda self explanatory.


I would love this. It’s so annoying having random people trying to friend me.


Seeing those numbers gives me anxiety. I hate having notification numbers next to stuff. I go in and delete my friend requests every time I see them. For me, the solution I need is the ability to block incoming friend requests or turning off that number.


Sorry for the bump, but I’m really annoyed by the amount of friend requests on Gigazic. I specifically said in my profile bio on ROBLOX that I do not accept friend requests, and don’t bother sending me a friend request. I would like to see this being a setting.