Ability to right click, copy path of an instance

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to get the path of an instance easily.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because so much time wouldn’t be lost typing game.Workspace.Build69.mldfk.frlkfl.dlld I mean you get it.

Sorry if I forgot to include info, ask me if needed.


You could make a plugin.

To my knowledge, there’s no way to add a context menu option to ones like that (using a plugin). And, there’s no way to set the clipboard in studio. This is also a feature request! He wants this to be builtin, and not done with some plugin.


you can store it as a vvariable inside a script, like local var = aa.bbb.ccc.ddd. you can also get an object value and store the item there

yes you can, but if this is added it would solve the hassle of defining these variables. what you said is a no-brainer.

You dont even give examples of how you want them to add that feature

Yes I do.
By adding “Copy path of Instance” in the context menu that shows up after right-clicking on an instance.

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Agreed, this is something a lot of people would appreciate.

I made my free plugin Get Object Path a while ago to solve this issue and it has over 5,000 installs, so I think this is a feature a lot of people would like to see supported officially. If this isn’t implemented by Roblox, in future I’d like to revamp this plugin to add it to the right click menus of instances but for now pressing the button with an instance selected will output its path.


This simple feature request would mean fewer typos and little annoyances in code, it could easily auto-add [“x”] for when the object names are just numbers, etc. Very simple to implement, and will result in efficiency gains and bug reductions.

There’s a load of plugins that do this (and a similar thing; “copy selected object’s path path to the command bar”), it really ought to be built-in.


Bumping this, please a roblox staff member acknowledge this

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