Ability to set custom robux buying gui

What I mean is that you know when you have a button that you click and the default “Would you like to buy “yayaya” for 33 robux” gui appears, it would be cool if we could edit like the position and maybe background and stuff like that.

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Similar to the other thread of yours that I replied to, make sure to add an actual use case here and explain how having a custom robux purchase UI would help your game out, and make sure to follow the template for feature requests. Without a use case and following the proper template, chances are your feature request will not be considered at all.


The main problem here is that it would be so easy for anybody to use this feature maliciously. Someone would mislabel a purchase button and give it the title of “Start Game” or something like that. All it would take is one misguided click to accidentally give all your robux to a scammer. A more reasonable approach would be to allow customization of the existing purchase prompt, such as screen position, button/window color, text color, shape, etc.


or something like that yea, just give it a little more customization.

Giving the ability to have custom buying gui’s could lead to game creators making a disguised gui giving the game creator robux without the player knowing


Maybe the one requirement is that the purchase button must say “Purchase for X R$.” Either that or allow customization of the existing prompt, as @ChipioIndustries stated.


This feature could easily be misused by scammers. There are many variations of scams like this that tells you to ‘click as fast as you can’ and opens a prompt to open a purchase.

Take this as an example: https://mobile.twitter.com/DurstAuric/status/813086763237470208


I like the idea, but I think there is a lot of merit to having the purchase screen be exactly the same and instantly recognizable across all games. It’s especially important when you consider that a large portion of players are younger kids who may not always understand the difference between in-game money and robux transactions.