Ability to use the ROBLOX top bar

Uh so basically this^

I’d like use the top bar. It would be very useful as viable space for UI. As a dev, adding a shop button there would make sense, its where most players would look, and not only that- it helps cut down the use of valuable screen space.

Thats it :- )

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This was suggested a while back, and ROBLOX said no. I can’t say I disagree because the whole reason the topbar exists is so ROBLOX UI can exist separately but not interfere with your game’s UI. If they decide to change how the topbar works, it could screw up whatever you’ve added in. If you really want to use that space, you can disable the topbar and put your buttons there.


I don’t care too much about this now that we can disable the top bar, but I still wish we could get our own buttons in the VR/Gamepad menus.


Just disable the topbar and add a makeshift backbar and add your icons over the top…