Able to see "Invites" option under user profiles

Before the maintenance, you aren’t able to see who invited who, to which we never had the option to invite anyone. Just requesting for that tab to be hidden like before as it’s unneeded. Here’s an image for reference:


I don’t see such an option. Did you have this feature before the maintenance?

Try sharing it with @Bug-Support . I have never encountered such a general problem before.

That’s because by default only TL2 are allowed to make invites, but devforum obviously disabled this. Not sure how helpful redirecting someone to @Bug-Support is – the point of #forum-feedback:forum-bugs is to report forum bugs.

(also yes I can confirm)


Can confirm, TL2 user here.

Edit: This might actually be intentional, gives a proper option to create an account with Roblox.


For now, I’ve found that this problem is only for Regulars. There is no such error in Members. Sorry for the confusion!

Turned this off for now since I don’t believe this was there before the maintenance, and I’m not sure of all the side effects of this invite feature. Thanks for letting us know.


Note: we had to turn this back on because it interfered with some other forum features (specifically: being able to add other users to private messages)

I have evaluated the Invite feature and it seems like it should be okay to leave enabled.

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