About a programmer

About me

I am Tipic_faker.
Studio since 2016, Programming since 2017.

The current account was created in 2018, and my previous account, unfortunately, was permanently removed for it containing many prohibited vocabularies.

Specialized in:

  • Weapon systems
  • Vehicles
  • Character-related postures and stuff

Apart from that, I am also a moderate builder who builds stuff from the default roblox systems.


Games that I have or am working on:

This is basically the first Modern FPS Game that I have ever made.
Its gun system was based on tools and many issues were inevitable.
After that I went ahead with OOP.
You may feel free to check out other games by our group too:

Boundless is an Open-World FPS survival game in the way that players compete with each other and hopefully, a virtual government will be formed. Although it is not described in that way by other members of the team.
You can look at the project description: @OG_Netflix

3. Brickhouse Studio and The Last Guest fan game
Currently I am in charge of updating for The Last Guest. It is by @Branboiii and he helped me a lot in establishing games and studios.

As a matter of fact, I am now a scripter for his group, the Brickhouse Studio.
Currently we are working on a horror game similar to Identity V but if we have any spark of ideas, we will spend less than a day to jot them down in the form of a micro project.


I am always ready, unless I’m sick or in trouble.
Developing is my hobby and I’m almost always on it.


Payment is negotiable.
Usually, If I see potential in the project, I would rather have a share in it instead of take the money and go.
I would accept either Robux, Wechat Pay or Paypal.


I have several contacts other than Devforum:

You can choose your prefered mode of contact when you need to find me.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
(And btw I am also learning html, php and javascript lol)