About the Code Review category

The Code Review category is intended to be a place where developers can get tips to improve already-working code they have created for Roblox games, or provide feedback on code of others.

Please do not post bug reports or feature requests here! Always pick the right category for your topic!

How should I write my topic?

Include a standalone, bare-bones rbxl file with only the code you want reviewed.

  • Code Review is for reviewing specific parts of your code, and not your whole game.
  • If you need help debugging your code, please use Scripting Support. Code Review is intended for improving already-working code.

Provide an overview of:

  • What does the code do and what are you not satisfied with?
  • What potential improvements have you considered?
  • How (specifically) do you want to improve the code?

Please don’t feel discouraged by feedback you get on your topics. Everyone is here to learn!

How should I reply to topics of others?

  • You are here to offer suggestions on how to improve code, and not argue whose code is best.
  • Do not derail topics with discussion of micro-optimizations for one specific piece of code.
  • Please remain constructive and objective when reviewing code!

You can read more about Developer Forum etiquette here:
Guide to using the Developer Forum

Who can post here?

  • All members of the forum can create topics in this category and reply to topics.
  • Everyone can read all the contents in this category, even when not logged in.

Want your code reviewed, but you’re not a forum member yet?

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