About the Code Review category


Looking for tips on how to improve your code? Request feedback here and gain valuable insight from other like-minded individuals. The Code Review category is intended to be a venue at which developers receive tips to improve already-working code they have created, or provide feedback to others.

Please adhere to the following rules when posting and replying to Code Review topics:

Requesting feedback

  • Include a standalone, bare-bones rbxl file with only the code you want reviewed
    • Code Review is for reviewing specific parts of your code, and not your whole game
    • Code Review is intended for improving already-working code. If you need help debugging your code, please use Scripting Support
  • Provide an overview of:
    • What the code does
    • What you are unsatisfied with in its current state
    • Potential improvements you have considered to the code
    • How specifically you’d like to improve the code
  • Please only post topics pertaining to Roblox
  • Please do not feel discouraged by feedback. Everyone is here to learn

Providing feedback:

  • You are here to offer suggestions on how to improve code, and not argue whose code is best
  • Do not derail the topic with back-and-forth discussion of micro-optimizations for one specific piece of code
  • Please remain constructive and objective when reviewing code

You can read more about Forum etiquette here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/developer-forum-new-user-guide/107263/

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