Accessories with Hidden Catalog Pages (Multiple Items)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is commonly used to hide items meant for testing internally, items restricted to specific people without it having an entry on the catalog, or items that have just not released yet. However the items that are included in the list are items that were meant to release and have catalog pages

This issue applies to multiple items
Ocean Cowboy
Formal Moth Bow Tie
Purple Tropical Fedora
Gold Pine Cone Boopers
Red Pencil Scarf

White Cycling Cap
Green Paintball Mask
These 2 items above are from the same month of gift card items being February 2023, however for the Aldi store there were gift card items for the month before and after so I’m assuming there was a gift card item that also doesn’t have a catalog page for that store but I don’t have a link to access it

Reproduction Steps
Try to click the link to access one of these items

Expected Behavior
There’s a catalog page for the item which you can view on the website.

(Mock-up I made of what it would look like if it functioned properly)

Actual Behavior
Due to not having a catalog page it redirects you back to the main catalog page when you try to click it

Issue Area: Catalog Assets/Website
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: Item Upload Date
Date Last Experienced: Current Date


Thank you for helping in bringing this to our attention. This should be resolved now for all of the items you mentioned.


Hey thank you for the quick response and all of the items I linked have been fixed however there’s another thing I wanted to mention. For the gift card items of February 2023 there were 2 items I linked in the post which have gotten fixed now however I think there was another gift card item from the Aldi store that never got a catalog page as its February item is missing but it still has its January and March item. I would’ve linked it in the post but due to the items not having catalog pages its very hard to find the respective ids for them and I wasn’t able to find this one.

(Golden swim goggles is for january, video game checkerboard tie is for march, however its missing the february item for its respective location)

Thank you again for taking the time to report this to us. The issue with the February 2023 gift card item has been resolved. If you’re curious, that is this item: Champion Swim Goggles - Roblox


Thank you for the help, this was initially going to be my list of items I wanted to report with this issue as I had other items I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not but I might as well send them in.

Roblox Tilt Baseball Cap
Vans Black-White Checkerboard ####### Sunglasses
Royalty Crown - The Chainsmokers

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The individual shoes in these two bundles also apply here.

@NoahWillCode Hi, this is still an issue!

Roblox just rolled out an update to the avatar editor that seems to prevent unreleased/deleted items from being equipped, meaning that these shoes can no longer be worn until this is fixed. I happened to use the pink metallic shoes in an outfit and I can no longer wear it properly because of this.



Still an issue… Roblox has been selling two completely unusable pairs of shoes for over a month now.

Should I create a new report for this?