Account Logs out when I go to{UserName}/notifications

Every time I try and go to the notifications area, I get logged out, I have not tried this much, but I have been getting logged out a lot, and my account is not hacked.


Is anyone else having this happen?

It says the page isn’t found, I’m not sure.

Did you replace {username} with your username?

Nope I still say the same thing on me{GreenStom_I}/notifications

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I am unable to confirm this, unless it doesn’t work on mobile.

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no no, Profile - GreenStom_I - DevForum | Roblox
remove {}

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You can use browser
like chrome

Just used Chrome on PC and still can’t reproduce this. Idk what’s going on

Update: I can’t at people:



After this is called, I get logged out.

and this is what happens when I going to the URL we have been talking about:

Idk anymore.

Sometimes this will happen if you have denied the use of cookies on a website.
Enabling them should fix this problem. If not, I have no idea what else could be causing this to happen.

Unable to reproduce

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It seems to be just fine for me, I tried it.

I think the problem is your side I also once came across the same issue but I think it was my internet happened to me a few days ago but im fine now

Unable to reproduce this effect, sorry.

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Thanks for the report, going to lock this since I noticed you filed a new report here that has more details: Logged out for some reason? | I don't know what to say anymore

A staff member is already assisting there.

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