Account moderated, can't view or dismiss it because I'm being infinitely redirected

My account just received moderation action, but I’m unable to view what happened because I can’t access the /Membership/NotApproved.ashx page. I’ve tried using multiple browsers and clearing my cookies, but the same thing always happens:

  • I login using my username and password
  • I enter my 2-factor authentication code
  • The page gets stuck on this url and never loads correctly:

If I had to guess, it isn’t correctly recognizing that my account was authenticated through the 2-factor auth, so it keeps trying to redirect me to that page, and that page redirects me to the notapproved page, and it gets stuck in an infinite loop.

So a potential reproducible case of this bug:

  • Create a test account that has two-factor auth
  • Ban the account
  • Attempt to login and view the moderator note.

Hi CloneTrooper1019,

Thank you for reporting this to us. We are currently investigating this and will keep everyone up to date when we receive more information.

Thank you,
Developer Relations Team


I figured out what I got moderated on.

Apparently it was this mesh that I uploaded:

This mesh is intended to be overlayed with a neon material on the combine helmet’s eyes, in order to make a transition between the night vision being on or off.

I can see why they might have banned it as without context it might be suggestive, but it’s honestly an absurd reason to get moderated over. If there’s any chance you guys could lift the ban and investigate this issue seperately, I’d appreciate it :slight_smile: . I’m currently unable to work on my project because I can’t load my assets.


Here are the assets btw:

I don’t mean to criticise the moderators but i do find this quite ridiclous. It’s two flat circles. There’s a roblox hat that has the exact same shape. It looks nowhere near explicit. People can make this in studio with a few clicks.

aaargh i dont get any of this


It was just a misunderstanding, I’m not angry at them.
I’m just glad I was able to quickly get it sorted out.