Account re-linking solution

I’m not sure if this has already been posted somewhere, however as some users are having difficulty with it still (example: I will put this here. doesn’t support accounts being associated with more than one email, and will direct you to a page which will give you the option to re-link your account. Upon attempting to re-link, you will be told to contact an administrator.

Easy solution to this is removing any other accounts which may be associated with your primary’s email from the address.

Sorry if this has been posted somewhere (couldn’t find it using search), but this may be helpful to others in the future.

Edit: Clarification

Search “Account relink”

This wasn’t meant to be a help post, but more of a notice for users to inform them of this.

Edit: I can’t find a post with the same intentions, however if I am missing something I do apologize.

Yes, I know. Thing is if you look up that other thread, you will find a better solution than removing an account from email.
Here is the thread, which replies may be helpful:

Strange, that wouldn’t fix it for myself or another user, plus I am just going by



Thanks veld.

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