[ACS] Advanced Combat System Rewrite [ALPHA]

Welcome to Advanced Combat System Rewrite

In this post, I’m going to talk about why I made this rewrite, what it features, and It’s updated.


First of all, some info, original credit goes to Skorpion, he’s the original creator of this framework, and I’m just random guy who is rewriting this.

Why are you rewriting ACS?

I’m glad you asked, first of all, ACS wasn’t updated for a looooong time, and It’s outdated, It uses old Raycasting system which isn’t the best and CFrame animations, that’s where this rewrite comes in the sunlight.

What does this rewrite feature?

  • Projectile bullets using FastCast
  • Some animations are made using Spring module
  • Keyframe animations
  • Optimized
  • Readable code
  • Custom projectiles (COMING SOON)


First get the latest model (in the “Links” section) and import it in your game, then open the folder and put and ungroup models where they belong, there are some premade animations in Animations folder so you can use them, I remind you, they kinda suck.


There are not much guns as of right now (only AKM) but it’s not hard to add more guns and animate them using Moon Animator, Blender or even Roblox’s Animator, I’ve tried to make the process of adding more guns as easy as possible, which we will get through right now


This is NOT ACS mod, this is a rewrite which means it was made from scratch, from ground up!

Adding more guns

In ACS_Engine folder in ReplicatedStorage, there are two folders that you need, Models and Guns, these folders contain guns’ viewmodels, you can use AKM as a base, in Guns there are modules that contain the guns’ data as ammo, recoil and if its automatic or not, then just add a tool with RequiresHandle property off with name of the gun you desire in StarterPack, this video may help with rigging your viewmodel, gun and importing/exporting to/from Blender.

I have a problem!

If you have a problem you can talk about it in this post or join our Discord server!


  • JaceMorphing : Programming, Rigging, Animating
  • 00scorpion00 : Original creator of ACS



I attempted to do this on my own time but I gave up after lack of will to continue.

Please, for the love of god, change the CFrame animations to Motor6D’s.

As I said, the animations are classic Roblox keyframe animations.

Update v1.0.1

  • Added sounds
  • Added keyframe-based sounds (for reloading and other)
  • Added sprinting

Can be found here.

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Update v1.0.2

  • Added UI (Weapon’s status)
  • Added weapon type (For now it’s “Gun” only)

Can be found here.


Could you make a place where us can test it please ? :grinning:

Here it is! ACS Rewrite Testing Place - Roblox

not really better than the original like this very big bug :

he have akm and hes firing but we see nothing and no gun also infinite reload, crosshair never dispawn, when run we dont see the gun, bullets are really slow etc…

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[ALPHA] in the name means something, it’s not finished and changes will be made, the serversided gun model will be added, also hit sounds and mags, and custom projectiles.

Update v1.0.3

  • Added Server-Sided/FE gun model and animations.
  • Made arms and head rotating serversided
    Can be found here.
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Thank you very much @JaceMorphing , This is going to help me so much!

Update v1.0.4

  • Added mags and mag boxes

Can be found here.

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One of the important questions is:
How secure is this version of ACS?
The original system is not at all safe for a beginner in Roblox Studio, having installed this system, your game may simply crash due to cheaters, literally. Therefore, experienced scripters should write anti-cheats in order to use the normal use of this system. Does this ACS differ from the original one in terms of security?

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Well yes and no, I tried to make it as safe as possible but when it’s finished I’m going to add anti-cheat measures, thus the ALPHA in the name.


If you swap weapons it spawns a dummy model?

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I was testing equip animations, when you get latest model this shouldn’t happen.

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FYI while I was testing, you can replicate a bug by swapping from RPG to AK and you’ll begin to fire explosive bullets. I’m unsure of what bugs are known at the moment.

You’re not seriously rewriting this for R6?

Uh hey when you are one a weapon and switch to a different one this happens in the test place

Actually I kind of like it
I got a little carried away