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I like this system a lot! The only thing is that I have a plane system, and when I taxi I use E/Q to turn and C to fire machine gun, Q/E makes my character move to the side and makes me look weird because my head is looking out of the plane, and when I press C my character goes down, is there any way to fix this?

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Change the key binds of your helicopter. ACS will always remain on top!

i have a question how to change the animation to rbxassetid:?

disable crouching and canlean = false etc and for the “G” Button, go to ACS Client, search “CAS” and then paste this:

    CAS:UnbindAction("Interact", Interact, false, Enum.KeyCode.G)
    local s = true
        if s then
            CAS:BindAction("Interact", Interact, false, Enum.KeyCode.G)

There ya go


I’m very interested in the building system, if you have a demo video available, please share that if possible.

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ACS 2.0 and ACS 2.0.1 are avaliable now!


make the acs animate able tho rether that robotic and free animation from other tool that dosnt fit

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Your system is great, however has a few optimisation flaws, one being that you use body movers on your projectiles. I take a different approach, it is a lot more optimised than rendering physics using body movers on the client. and fr you do not need 41 events. Alot of those events should just be handled on the client.


There’s any GOOD ACS Setup tutorial?

Does ACS still have laser’s and lights or am I thinking of a another gun system?

ACS default and custom guns still have lasers and lights.


thank god we have you; former admin ray, still strong responding to acs related forum posts.

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Yes, no worries. Happy to help.

I actually don’t like 2.0.x because there don’t have client and servers guns now this version is useless because I some how make a animated gun viewmodels. So, I prefer 1.7.x.

Ray, are you still in the community? havent seen you in a while because the server went to hell of no good things happening.


Hey @IsThisMouse ,

Thank you for your contacting me.

I hope you’re doing well!

I am currently not in the server as I was banned by a several staff members during several instances under false pretenses and accusations without any proof.

Rumors were spread by these staff members for an amount of time without any kind of proof after I resigned and got falsely banned.

I do not wish to give out names at this current point of time to avoid burning of bridges with ACS.

I understand from your concerning message that ACS is no longer the same as before, you can always contact Dusek or Felipe or anyone from the staff team that you trust to help fix ACS or provide any kind of suggestions.

However, if you do require my assistance, feel free to reach out to me via a personal message through DevForum. I’ll still be here to help anyone regarding any ACS issue they may face.

And again, thank you for remembering me!

Best Regards,
Ray :smile:

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I have an ACS system in the game, I would like to ask if you can set more grenades for the grenade, as well as ammunition for the weapon
Thanks in advance


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I Ungrouped everything in its folder tho…
it’s not working
it’s just in the chat “Advanced Combat System
And it’s not first-person…
And what’s the GUI in the bottom right for?
Please help me

How do I customize the UI? I don’t think the UI was that good.

When you setup everything you can go to ReplicatedStorage → ACS_Engine → HUD folder