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Welcome to Advanced Combat System

Firstly on behalf of the ACS Staff Team, we would like to welcome to the official documentation of ACS. This is the only official documentation of the Advanced Combat System. This page is managed by the administrators of ACS and will be updated on a regular basis.

About Advanced Combat System:

ACS is a First Person Combat System [Free] that was created by @00scorpion00 and @dusek_br along with a bit of limited help from some awesome community members periodically. Our company specializes in providing users with a high quality gun engine which can be used in their awesome creations. Many communities have been using ACS as their first choice, may it be a small community or a large one, we cater to everyone’s needs!

1. What are some of ACS’ cool features?

As a leading FPS Gun Engine on Roblox, we have complied a few popular and notable features of ACS which are stated below:

  • Professional Support

  • A high quality gun engine [Free]

  • A wide variety of guns

  • First Person Shooting System

  • Different Firing Types [Automatic, Semi, Burst, Bolt-Action]

  • Easy to modify scripts [Newer versions]

  • Advanced Medical System

  • Grenade/Melee Integrated System

  • Enhanced Blacklist System

  • Enhanced Security Features [ACS 2.0 - Released]

  • New Turret Systems [ACS 2.0 - Released]

  • Professional Build Systems [ACS 2.0 - Released]

  • And the list goes on…

2. I would like to get ACS, how do I get it?

ACS is currently free for everyone thus it can be found in the Roblox toolbox. Do note that you are getting the real ACS and not a modded version that may contain harmful viruses or backdoors that may affect your game.

3. What version is ACS currently on?

The current version of ACS is 2.0.1
ACS 2.0.1 - Official Release - Roblox

4. I require further help, how can I get assistance?

You are highly suggested to join our Roblox group in order to gain access to our communications server on Discord.

5. Official ACS Staff Team Members - As of 7 October 2021

Please refer to the link stated below to learn more about the staff team.
Advanced Combat System: Official Staff List

Official ACS Links:

  1. Roblox Group - ACS - Official Community - Roblox
  2. Discord Invite - Advanced Combat System: Community
  3. Appeals and Applications Server - Discord
  4. Official ACS Releases: Advanced Combat System: Official Releases
  5. Official Staff List - Advanced Combat System: Official Staff List

This shall conclude this document, if you still require help then be sure to comment below and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible or to avail more help please join our Discord Server to get professional assistance or some cool releases by trusted developers or maybe just make some friends.


Nice, I was just looking for ACS a few hours ago.


We hope you’ve found the proper links, if there’s anything else please reach out to us for support!


Are there any configurations to make it TPS with free cam or basically RCL Like, Or OTS, or Fixed Third person?


With it’s headquarters currently based inside of North Korea, it’s undoubtedly ROBLOX’s #1 FPS combat system. It’s updated often, and used in a variety of groups - regardless of genre. Star Wars groups, Military Simulations, you name it. ACS is the way to go. Would recommend to anyone.


Used this on numerous projects and within multiple communities that I’ve created. This system has got to be hands down the most advanced and reliable system that is free to use. Although having a somewhat toxic community the developer side of the community always releasing high quality models and various other assets to use to compliment your ACS experience.


I believe you might be able to find some developer outside of ACS that might be able to do it for you but for the current period of time, we will be sticking to FPS.


This a great system for any upcoming milsim games. I’ve personally used this system for lots of my games and works. They release big fixes and updates in their discord. 10/10 would recommend.


This is by far the best FPS gun system you can find in Roblox. It can be used for all kinds of games. It also comes with a “welcoming” community to assist you on your problems 24/7. If none of that helps, you can visit ACS’s Headquarters which located in front of the famous Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang. ACS zindabad!! :+1:t6: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t3: :muscle:t4: :muscle:t5: :muscle:t6: Recommended to all.


Great system for milsims and such but overly laggy with large amounts of users and easy to exploit with remotes using the medic system hope there will be a patch for that in the future


As a mili-sim user myself, I support this FPS combat system especially if you are looking for a more realistic vibe of gaming.


ACS isn’t laggy at all, instead it could be the poor performance of your games because of lack of optimization.


Oooh! I will try this when my PC is fixed. Hope it gets fixed soon…


pretty sick FPS system also good for people who are into ro-milsim. ive been using it since acs 1.6 i would say its the best free gun engine on roblox


Used in both my games Operation Overlord and Eastern Front, overall the gun system is great; it’s highly modifiable and is well suited for most games. However there is some issues with the scripts and how they’re structured and some weaknesses in the gun system however that shouldn’t deter you as it’s very easy to setup, easy to use and has lots of features.


All true except theres no “professional support”

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You may not see it professional in your eyes, but that’s for you to decide.


Professional, wouldn’t be the word I would use. However, I will say that our support system is, effective, to say the least.


i even love the feature where u can fire the damage remote and kill everyone with no sanity checks


Lovely system, very much ups the game on roblox yeah