[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Can someone tell me the TL:DR of why people are mad over this update?

All existing audios will be made private and stopped from being used at all in any way (they cannot be made public again)


For now at least. They still can be made public after roblox decides to allow it.

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So pretty much Roblox is doing the same thing with animations? Cause if so I’m not a fan of this update.

Isn’t it only audios over 6+ seconds though? So a lot of SFX audios will still be intact. Won’t this just mostly target song/music audios? A majority of which are copyrighted.

Remember this?

In other words, they never will decide to allow it, they’re just making it look like they’re throwing a miniature bone out to people to ease the pressure off them. Thankfully, that hasn’t worked and people are rightfully angry.


no, i don’t understand, please elaborate further.

I think all devs hate this update alot. But to be fair you can’t 100% blame roblox for it. They are getting sued over this.


I backed up my most important sounds just to keep an archive incase some sort of miracle happens that actually incentivizes me to come back to the platform.

The fact that my own sounds won’t work on group games or my friends’ games though, is ridiculous. It turns a painful update into an excruciating one. I cannot understate how much I resent this update and the people who brought it to fruition.


That’s fair, but they need to realize that this will have heavy effects on the toolbox.

Throwing a lot of games into the dark will make it hard for developers to work on games which may use a lot of sound effects they don’t own.

I think you should read the whole post first, because you don’t seem to understand how big of an issue this is, with EVERY single audio over 6 seconds being private comes a big issue obviously, especially because most people can only upload 10 audios a month which is not enough to cover the amount of sounds that are going to be removed from their games. The fact audios are free is just a cover up to the bigger issue. Also quite a lot of SFX audios are over 6 seconds especially because a lot of them have a few seconds of silence at the end which will stretch them to over 6 seconds. And finally if a games developer is not active, they will not be able to fix the muted sounds which may ruin or make the experience of the game a lot worse for the players.

TL:DR bad update.


I’ve already managed to download all the sounds in one of my games that the plugin said needed replacement. It’s just that I’m scared to reupload them via this account since I’m under the impression that anything subject to moderation is like rolling the dice of death with each upload. Usually I of course use alts but since the alts are permitted 10 uploads a month I’m stuck in a rut here.

Alts Won’t be able to help anyway as they won’t be able to used in your Main Account’s games. They have to be owned by the game’s owner to be played h. This Update is an entire mess.

Alts can upload audio to a group, so if your game is owned by a group, it is possible for alts to be quite helpful.


time to waste 100 robux making a group

I do realize it. I HATE this update. It will break so many games. Like RP games, horror games, chill games, any game with audio! So many models will be broken to. Like ACS they wont work at all. This update will prob make alot of people quit tbh. And people who make audio will prob just make more money now.


Yeah that’s true but, there is many more and better ways they could’ve executed this.

Im also noit able to uplaod all sounds i need for a game. Idk what to do.

Like I saw somebody say once, what happened to “Powering imagination”? Some small developers won’t be able to make that many great games with the new limitations.

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I agree with that. They should just take the copyrighted songs down.