[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Roblox likes to claim it allows properly licensed music to be uploaded onto it’s platform



wow, thanks for the amazing audio change roblox! also thanks for making me effectivly give up on the game i have been working on for 2 years because i dont want to wait months to have sound again! amazing update from the roblox team as always!


No - that’s your opinion, not necessarily representative of the community. Just like in real life, being respectful is the only way to get your point around. Yelling and making rude comments towards your professor because they made a bad choice is not going to solve it; sending a polite email might.


Any scripts that have sounds will be broken when u try to load the sound. Because it’ll error. Which means countless games will be broken now


Haha, yeah, just wait until you hear about

I swear there’s something wrong with roblox’s feature team or whatever they have, I haven’t seen a single feature idea voted on by the community, it’s always roblox and only roblox who says yes or no to the feature, and if its a bad feature, well then they just don’t respond.


I have 2k Audios every month and I haven’t shown my ID or have done Dev-Ex, it’s weird but- yeah.

Our mercy does not rely on Roblox- it relies on the one who filed a lawsuit against Roblox - APM.
Yes, Roblox executed it poorly, but it was because of a rush.

Even good feature requests, in my opinion, such as this are not added.

Being professional doesn’t seem to work with ROBLOX anymore, unfortunately. They clearly don’t listen to countless of good arguments made by 90% of the community. I’m not saying to be cursing them out and breaking all of the ToS, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world for developers who have a right to be upset with an easy to change aspect of this update to preform a bit of tomfoolery.


Will we get reimbursed the ROBUX we have spent on our audios, as people have spent large sums of money to upload audios?


Even if someones is inexperienced with polite or professional crticism they don’t have to post obvious nonsense replies. But I do agree with you.

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I am not ID verified, so how many audio assets can I upload per month?

now, i dont want to sound like “bruhhh i want more audio uploads bruhh”, but regarding the upload limit.

i’m not fully sure that 10 per 30 days is quite sufficient for all people (i am VERY grateful that its free now though), because if you think about it - the vast majority of sound effects in games are going to be privated with what i’ve read as no way to make them public. 10 per month may not be enough to cover all of the sound effects that most games would use, and there wouldn’t be a way to ask others to upload them for you - as they would be private.

if i had to say what enough would be, i’d say 10 per week or 50 per month. i dont want to ask for too generous of an increase, but i’d like the above to be considered.

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From what I have seen, audios that you have uploaded already are not going to disappear unless they are taken down for copyright reasons, and as far as I know, you will be reimbursed for those.

No doubt that Roblox is looking at this thread right now. They probably don’t even care about our complaints right now. They’re probably trying to come up with a response. Hopefully it’s a good one, or that’ll just make this whole situation worse.


I’m just thinking why, so they added this system which helps developers upload sounds for free. Which I think is a good idea. What taints this idea is making it a monthly limit. I would rather have to pay for audio than this system. Here’s why.

The moderation system for Audio - for anything really on roblox is terrible. here’s a great example.

I uploaded this to a group:
Cool right it worked…
I get this when I tried to upload it to a game.

Its like its a certain amount of people they have to moderate per day
My point in this is, if audio was roux to upload for “moderation” or whatever, how do we know that this system is going to get sounds that aren’t even infringing rules to not be removed?

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Need an answer about this, lots of people have spent thousands on sounds.

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Roblox, this is why your stocks are dropping.


Will we get reimbursed the ROBUX we have spent on our audios, as people have spent large sums of money to upload audios?

Given they are applying the “private” change to older audios, it’s clear this is a retroactive update, therefore it would make sense.


Just a joke of course.