[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

This is a pretty terrible update… It may sound good on paper but this will basically ruin a bunch of games because i bet there are a bunch of games using free’d audios, why make it so assets are automatically private? Why not just make it a configuration so the owner of the audio can set it to private? Can’t the owner just archive the audio if he doesn’t want it to be used? that’s also a thing…

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Pretty much, you could say it’s like Roblox Animations.

Been working on a big project the last few months. I was planning to release sometime in May/June, however I have probably 80-200 audios not uploaded by me, and I do not have an ID verified account. If I can only upload 10 audios per month, I’m literally going to have to delay the release of my project I’ve been working on for such a long time for an upwards of 2 years because of half my games’ audio getting privated.

Not to mention the delay the queue is gonna have with hundreds (possibly thousands) of developers trying to reupload their audios that got privated because the creators are inactive.

I generally stick with Roblox and applaud their updates because I trust they are doing what’s best for the developers who give their money, time, commitment, and personal information to them, but the fact that this topic already has 1700+ replies on it within 20 hours with the majority of them being negative, shows how this might possibly be one of the worst “updates” of all time.

I also saw that they were planning to extend this to images, meshes, and models? What the heck Roblox??


I understand that completely, but as I said in the past, some of the community is harassing Roblox and not giving feedback at all.


Completely irrelevant to this thread, most stocks are down today anyways.


Exactly; as much as I would tolerate some level of backlash, I doubt that fully harassing roblox or making useless comments would do anything. Yes, it’s fine to be angry, but to make threats to roblox is not a good thing.

Protest politely.


Several months ago I made this gamepass Hecate - Roblox
And I got a one day ban for it. The image is still working, though…

Also I’m going to try and reply to a ton of things as we have a 5 Minute timer limit thing.

lol yes

No, most likely not. Hundreds of thousands of people created badges, but when the badges went free, nobody got a refund.

yep, and roblox are reading nearly all of them and watching their stocks drop but they don’t care about their community :skull:

go check at Create - Roblox then go to passes and you can see.

This is a bad idea, not going to lie. This could take down many successful games, which ROBLOX normally relies on, it’ll take developers time and money to find people who make audios and to replicate the specific audios and reupload it. Honestly…

That would make no sense since moderation is automatic upon upload.

If it was fully manual and moderators had a “punishment quota” I would leave this platform.

It’s simply a machine making mistakes, Roblox support did help me before with this but the pace is slow as it is human.

Also @steel_apples they deleted it already, someone is observing.

Roblox does not care about feedback, they only care about their investors. Being “professional” will not do anything. If roblox can see how truly upset some people are about this it may be more effective, like it was with the material update. Roblox is capable of thinking of solutions themselves.


Are you aware the plugin marks private sounds less than 6 seconds long as “OK”?

From from the description above “Private assets will have their contents protected from unauthorized use” I’d expect that all private sounds, including >6 seconds ones, will be unavailable from being played in games once this update goes live.


(logged in as centraltrains, editing from a Bloxy Bingo group game. Uploads account does not have edit access to game.)

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This is what happens when somebody never heard of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule

overall the worst update I’ve ever seen announced by the roblox company. It just gets harder and harder to make games under roblox now

This seems like a really good idea to help younger developers who do not have the funding to create games. A nice addition would be for premium players able to get a higher amount of uploads per month.

There should definitely be the option to share assets between players and groups etc. So that developers of the group can access the sounds if needed.

Age verification is something that people feel worried about regarding privacy and the chance of any leaks. I’m aware that it is done by a bot but with the moderation having a very bad reputation it poses a worry to users. (Other means of obtaining a larger amount of audio uploads would be nice to see.)

You’re basically disincentivizing current developers from ever putting their games into groups because now they’ll be concerned that something like this will happen to their group games again.

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No thank you. Do not do this. Instead invest time into bettering Roblox.

If this has to happen, make public audios the default option, and make all existing audios still public. This change is beyond ridiculous if I am interpreting this correctly. How did this decision even happen?

Again, no thank you Roblox, the current system is great, this new one is beyond dreadful. It astonishes me you even though this would be OK.


Easy loophole for the limit (as long as it isn’t music):

Make an audio file with all of the sound effects you want in the game, put them all into that file. Upload it to Roblox, then use a script to get to the right sound, play it, and reset.

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Hm, I do see your point except roblox did get a lawsuit a while back regarding this very issue lol. which was reported by one of their employees. Regardless I just hope that this update doesn’t go through.

To be frank, even though the fees would drop to zero, I’d rather pay Robux to upload audio if it means that there’s still a catalog to get other audios from.


Isn’t one of your core values “Respect the Community”? Good job on keeping with that! I’m glad Roblox is able to continue forward with their vision, and being fully transparent with the community on WHY they’re pushing a change that breaks both games and developer workflow! /s

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Although I can imagine that this is extremely frustrating for many developers (some taking it better than other), I can understand that there is a very good reason behind this. I can imagine its to do with the legalities behind audio/music ownership which Roblox has been tiptoeing around for years. It will also give rise to games using unique sound effects and opens the market for audio engineers etc.

However, I do not appreciate how sudden this is. Having only until March 22nd is simply not possible for many games to update their audio. Me being one of them as I am working on a huge update and I refuse to touch the real game since packages can be awfully tedious which will lead to game breaking issues (has in my past before). Players for my game will have to wait for potentially a month to have fixed audio since I plan on releasing this huge content update in late April.

I am fortunate enough to only have my music player broken as it waits for songs to finish until playing the next one, I used Monstercat tracks however I did find a specific electro song in the Toolbox, to which I messaged the artist on Twitter and received permission to use said songs, but now the song has been taken down and has broken the song player (not much of a problem, it just means the songs will suddenly stop).

I have replaced 100+ sound effects already and I’m almost done which I’m happy with.

But I know for a fact that some games rely on certain sounds and their connected events (such as finishing, pausing etc). I reckon a lot of old popular games will be issue ridden. Is there a way to perhaps work around this? Although I have no hopes as it involves completely changing the way sound behaves.