[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

It’s not a 50/50 update when you got both big developers from big studios to small developers who don’t see this as a “win-win” as this UPDATE will silence every single game! Even older games. I do see big developers using their OWN audio but they also have to replace it before this update. Which is not even a 50/50 update, it’s even ONE OF THE WORSE UPDATES that I have seen and the fact that I have to replace my audio in-game by removing them is not good and replace it, with nothing.


I do agree, I worded that incorrectly and will now go fix that, although I am sure for the first month or so they will most likely raise the upload threshold for everyone to reupload their audios. Like they said sound effects less then 6 seconds will be fine, unless I misread.

Older games may be harshly hit (and horror games) by this update but Roblox was likely forced to make this update from the copyright issues they are getting. I don’t believe that every game will be silenced as older games didn’t have much of an audio library to choose from then so may have had to upload their own audios.

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What are you talking about? From the past the audio library was so good. Until Roblox does not know how search engine works…

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I’m cool with the free audio, but it’s a hard cap; so there’s no option to pay Robux after passing the audio limit. Obviously this only really affects accounts that aren’t ID verified, but it shouldn’t be hard-capped.


For me, the biggest problem with this update is the 6 second limit. If it was 20-25 seconds, I wouldn’t need to update anything. (except replace a couple songs in my playlist which was already largely Roblox uploads)

The 6 second limit is requiring me to replace 10 to 15 audios and sound id’s in many scripts(lot of work really and not so much time to get in place.)

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I realized that afterwards, deleted after i saw it. I’m sorry

Unreal Enginne Looks much better


Time I threw my hat into the ring

I normally use the dev forum for information on roblox critical stuff. But this update really, set me off.
It hurts everyone, Roblox themselves too
Small devs are hurt the most however. They don’t know how to make audio which sounds GOOD or DECENT. Some do it out of passion like myself, others do it for fame, others just wanna learn. Whatever the reason, all groups of small devs are hurt by the fact they can’t use some simple sound effects, such as Viethin Guns, or simple custom guns which use premade sounds.

Big devs are still effected by this, having to import 100s to 1000s to possibly 10000s of audio files to groups. Or to a single account which May I add. Roblox bans that one account and all their sounds break and they lose the public game.

Many users lack the sound files they used too.
The update has gotten so bad their stock is literally dropping.
The update isn’t good. It’s not a 50/50, it’s a 95/5
Roblox hurts itself doing this. As a community, as a company. It’s just gonna harm it’s own (shattered) rep from doing this.

I seen games go wrong, I seen what happened to similar games which went down a similar path.
They ended up offline and dead.
I fear a similar fate may happen to Roblox, over a much longer length of time.


Ive just realized that this WILL make people quit the game jam thats currently going on right now just so they can fix there games audio why would they just now announce this during a game jam? or even like AT ALL?


Do they let you use unlimited amounts of copyrighted audio tracks? (I would think not)

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I don’t see why this is something we should be fighting over, there are obviously down sides but this is a decent update for future games, it can help avoid copyright issues with Roblox, it can allow the developer control what audio is playing in their games easier as well. I do agree with some things like the cap on how much is uploaded is very harsh but I do believe Roblox will adjust it overtime as the update rolls out

I do agree this is difficult but they can commission people, if they aren’t buying commissions they can use free SFX websites and upload them until they can afford.

And to everyone yelling at me it isn’t 50/50 I am saying there is good sides and bad sides, not saying it is perfect on both, but you have to admit there are many good sides.


Roblox went even worse science 2021-2022
and i dont want to Remake my game like an Slave every weak because some of my audios i did them by my own are counting as audios from someone else or to update my hole game because something got changed in Lua/Studio or to loose about 10k of bobux on Adds because Roblox Crashed, roblox was better in 2012-2020 Change my Mind

Yeah I actually thought about this earlier, but it would be a lot of effort.

should atleast allow audios you have uploaded to load in group games of groups you own or have developer and inventory access to by default


Now this is a statement I can get behind

Its confirmed: Roblox is listening to us. You all can start putting your pitchforks down.


Due to This I started to reupload audios given to me by friends, I was falsely banned due to terrible moderation, The two audios I was banned for were plane/jet audios.

Volume Warning for this one^


Look. I want to work with my local files, not in a group game. Team create sessions still have flaws and there’s a risk of your work buddy getting you banned :confused:

Let’s see my problem again…

So what do we know?

  • Audio’s uploader = @Dogutsune
  • Group ownership = @Dogutsune, it even says “The Dogu Zone”
  • Who am I? = Dogu, @Dogutsune
  • Can I use it? = LOL NO XDDD

It’s like that Patrick wallet Spongebob scene.

I honestly would speak out more, but I’m afraid It wouldn’t be family friendly and professional.


I joined this platform in 2017, and you joined three years before. At least we got to see Roblox before it wanted to become a “metaverse”, which is what no one wants or asked for. I hope 2,000 replies in less than 24 hours would be a wake-up call for Roblox to listen to their community, but of course, they likely won’t do anything about it.

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First off the only good thing about this is the free uploads. Second thing every developer who has a radio gamepass or any of that sort in their games is about to get backlash from the owners of it. Also why can’t we use sounds owned by groups we own? What if i want to use the same sounds from another game i have?

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