[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Did a quick survey of my groups I’m in, 2-3 Wargroups and the guys there said they hate this update, mainly since it’ll destroy the guns they use, since the weapons audio they use is BUILT INTO THE CODING.

So it damages players in ways I didn’t even expect.

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wait i dont understand. can i use audio over 6 seconds or something?

Yeah such a great update totally hundreds of devs are so happy for this update its so great that they have to reupload all there audios again! right? oh and the marketplace all the audios but roblox made audios were bad roblox made audios are so good everyone uses them right??


There goes literally all of my music that I found for the game I’m working on.

It’s obvious that nobody wants this update. Please, don’t implement it.

@Uzixt @spydercam500 I would like your posts, but I can’t. I reached my daily limit. This might make me quit Roblox development altogether. It’s that bad of an update. They already ruined the catalog with the royalty free music that has no option to be filtered out.


I don’t really make games with the intention of someone else playing it, I just do it for fun


I wanna post a meme i found about the situation but i know it will be taken down just like my other meme post that got taken down in like 10 minutes this update is terrible they better not go through with it and if they do i dont know what ill do…


We got free Audio, but at what cost…


How much of that music was legit? Or was it all royalty free music? If not, you had no right to use it in the first place.

This is a joke, right?

You’re using the free audio thing as hope that it will make more people support you.
But what about the old games? Not only that, what about the new games with HUNDREDS of audios? The free audio is not even a TINY bit of compensation. I’d take paying hundreds of ROBUX for audios than to have ya’ll ruin 90% of all games and scam a lot of gamepass buyers. Please revert this!


Wow! That is a lot to unpack. Okay for starters, those saying this is a terrible update don’t just develop they probably also play games. Now for starters, audio uploaders are going to hate this update but MOST of them just uploaded bypassed audios anyways.

  1. Lets say we made a local radio where the user can play audios they want, but nobody else can hear it, can they play audios from their inventory that they own? Or is it strictly only the game creators.
  1. This system you can’t use those “annoying” audios and only what you upload. And your upload amount will probably eventually get changed, or verify your Id, as mine is higher from that.


  1. They did say that anything that the game creators didn’t make would not be useable
  1. I could be misunderstanding but I don’t think this is the point of this update, I think it is so bypass audios can’t effect other users, and to compromise they can upload for free, as long as it isn’t copyrighted I am sure that is fine. On the other hand, even if someone uploaded a bypass audio what difference would that make? They can play in their own game I guess, but it would get their game deleted. I am sure roblox would allow user’s to reupload SFX especially considering 99% of them are probably from an offsite platform free to other users.

They never said you HAD to, they just stated that if you want your users to have a radio gamepass you could use that great library, technically you could upload each song if you wanted, but that wouldn’t transfer over on other games unless it is owned by you, while using the stock audios would.

  1. While that is true you have to look at it from another standpoint from other then your opinion, I assume you are probably older judging by you are on the DevForums. Younger users may get bypassed audios glared into their little ears. With this update the owner has to control what audio is in the game, meaning he is fully guilty in an incident.

Now that I am finished with that I have a few thing related to the audio library that I believe most of us want changed.

  1. Roblox should not strike the game down if it has copyrighted music, instead, delete the audio and notify the user that the audio was down.

  2. Could you possibly approve of some audios to be let public? Or maybe even let people with confirmed ID to upload some publicly. Verified IDs users wouldn’t want to get themselves banned so wouldn’t upload anything bad right?

Pretty good update! 50/50 Though, sad to see radios go no more “ITS RAINING TACOS” in tycoons!


oh okay. i just saw kreekcrafts video and i got triggered.

Not everyone can do that because of parents or not having a passport of some form of ID.

Alot of big developers are saying this is a bad update aswell not just small developers.

I dont get how your saying this is a good update i respect your opinion but like MOST GAMES WILL BE SILENT IN 2 WEEKS


This update reminds me of when YouTube removed the dislike counter last year — it received extreme backlash, but YouTube still went through with it.

Now it’s 2022 and Roblox is making all audios private — it’s receiving the most backlash I have ever seen from a Roblox update, but of course, they will most likely go through with this one.


This is good in a way, because people won’t copy your sounds that you made

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If they do go through with it, I hope they’re ready to lose a lot of talented developers and audio-reliant players.


but uploading is free…? i dont get what you’re saying, could you elaborate?

How delusional are you? “Those saying this is a terrible update don’t just develop they probably also play games.” I personally have to reupload hundreds of songs and sound effects, I know multiple people who can’t id verify who basically have to shut their game down since they can only upload TEN SONGS A MONTH to replace ALL of their music and sound effects (hint! it’s more than 10!), and all the new roblox audio that Roblox is praising highly here is not available until BY March 22nd, so it’s not like we can replace them all right now anyways with stock music, not to mention the NON EXISTENT search system to find these (someone already mentioned typing “engine” pulls up a ton of random songs that have nothing to do with sound effects). It’s not like you can make your audios public either, Roblox says in this post that they do not know when we will be allowed to republicize our audio.


While this is true, they will probably add a bigger threshold in the future.

Yes! I am aware, but lots of bigger developers use their own audios too, I am sure after a given of time everyone will be settled to their new reuploaded audios.

Not super true, a lot of developers already use their own audios! 50/50 Update

what stops you from making a bunch of alts and uploading 6 second segments of a song and playing them together back to back? i mean it probably would take a while to load but isn’t there api to preload them?

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Plus, I think people have mentioned if these audios have events and such, the events wont even fire effectively breaking scripts since the id will be private.