Action Required: MeshPart Heads & Accessories (May 27th)

This should be fixed now. Let us know if anything else looks wrong.


This looks promising as MeshParts are more useful than SpecialMesh

However I like this change since it’s a way to work with new features which require MeshParts for example.

Also this may be offtopic but is SpecialMesh instance going to be phased out?

Same with CylinderMesh, BlockMesh, etc

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I have a question.
I have a custom rig (wich uses a part + mesh as head)
I need to do something? @Osyris

I have made some custom accessories that use VertexColor, will there be a better alternative to this other than making a completely new texture for it?

Also with this change it raises a question to me if R6 will receive a similar update that R15 had, as it’s a hassle to allow PlayerChoice avatar rigs when R6 avatars still use CharacterMesh’s.

Will this change the current way player heads are handled? For example, if I wanted to make the head neon it would look like this:

Instead of like this:

Because, quite frankly, having to create a slightly bigger head part and then weld it to the actual head part is annoying.

Plus it would really help with a current power ability I created that is meant to make your whole character glow and give the appearance of becoming “pure energy,” sort of like the Stravant Lightning gear except with more glow. With the current way I have it set up however I have to clone every part of the player, make the clone slightly bigger, create a weld, weld it to the original part I created the clone from, and then parent it to a folder inside the player (for organization purposes). Even then I’m not able to add clothing to these fake body parts because they aren’t the actual character. While it isn’t that important, I was planning on making an effect in which the clothes “burn off” of the player once they turned into energy.

l shouldn’t have to take this many steps just to get a neon character.

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This update has taken a bug thats been around since october 2018 and made it worse.
Previously the avatar editor would show the rthro avatar with a reasonable sized head and reasonable hat scaling and then it would be broken in game.

but now the rthro avatars in r6 as broken in the avatar editor too, as well as in-game
If changes are being made with heads and hats, I think it would be a good time to fix this issue thats been with r6 rthro avatars since their introduction 3 years ago.


I have a question regarding this update. Since accessories are being upgraded for all sorts of fancy things, would this mean existing accessories could be updated by their creators?

Also with these great features coming-

-are these changes possibly going to allow modern textures on other items, like 2D Faces and/or 2D Clothing for extra customisation? I’d love to see some older things get the special treatment meshes have, and I think it’d be neat to make extra texture maps for 2D Clothing to give them some more detail.

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Hello, I cannot seem to find the BetaFeature in my tab. Help?

Games that haven’t been updated since before a set date should use “Disabled” by default - requiring developers to switch off the behaviour in old games will mean that older, unupdated games involving the scripting of heads and accessories will only break down even further.

Personally I will be disabling this feature immediately because I do not agree with several of the new features nor do I want them in my games - this is just my opinion and you don’t have to agree, I’m sure many others will find them more useful.


I really don’t know what to say, how this will affect in-coming features like PBR. I personally think that is completely weird, it just does nothing more than breaking my anti-cheat and with a bug now exploiters can load much more innapropirate things on the server with coloring the hats and parts! (its just the same hat clone exploit but they can change their hat’s color on the server I mean) I hope all ROBLOX team founds an alternative solution for this, after all im still interested in why we need this update to enable PBR?

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A fix I could imagine would be to attach an extra 2x1x1 part to the rig’s head while setting the current head to cancollide false

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Can we get some clarity on if this setting will remain for awhile or is it only temporary to give developers time to fix anything? Right now it’s unclear and could possibly mislead developers into a false sense of security.


I believe the intention is to keep the Disabled property around, which would make sense since R6 doesn’t support these changes anyway and therefore would continue to be run via the old SpecialMesh system.


This is amazing! Sounds like a great update, this will be good. Thanks Roblox staff!

You don’t have to if are satisfied with your current character. If you want to then this isn’t that hard to replace. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a MeshPart | Roblox Creator Documentation and set it’s position properties to the same position as the current head part. If the mesh under the current head part has an offset then you should add that offset value to the position of the MeshPart.
  2. Set the MeshPart | Roblox Creator Documentation to the MeshId of the mesh inside the current head part.
  3. Resize the MeshPart to the size of the current head.
  4. Rename the MeshPart to “Head” and delete the current head part
  5. Rig the character with a new “Neck” Motor6D | Roblox Creator Documentation. You will need to understand how to do this and how to use the JointInstance | Roblox Creator Documentation and JointInstance | Roblox Creator Documentation properties.

However, if you do not make the change then you may not be able to use future featurs as mentioned below.

MeshIDs can’t be changed by a script.

I never mentioned using a script now did I?

I’m attempting to enable this in my game to test it however I’m still being given the default head with a special mesh inside of it. The players avatar is created after using :LoadCharacter()

The head I’m using:


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isn’t this gonna absolutely destroy old roblox games that use the head mesh for things
for example, like that one noob cake game where your head mesh turns into a blob when you get eaten. could it be possible to have it not break on older games

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The game i work on will force players to use starter character i made and as far as i understand i don’t need to make any changes? Since players won’t be able to have their accessories/heads, they can only have accessories they get in game.

Edit: Okay, i read all replies and looks like i don’t need to, unless i will want to have new features that require this change.