Ad Issue | 1st Jan

Basically, I was commissioned for a banner ad. I created it with dimensions of 728x90 on My client tried to upload it but it said ‘Invalid Image Size’. I even re-checked the dimensions. The file type is a PNG. Can anyone help?

This was the ad.


Hmmm, this shouldn’t be happening. However, I believe the advertisement process have changed, can you show what screens you get on the site.

Edit: I forgot that this was sponsors, my mistake.

Also, would highly recommend you add a watermark to that.

i think you should contact the roblox staff about this, they can help you

Roblox Support can’t do much with this situation. Try asking DevEngagementTeam instead.

not roblox support, the developer forum group of roblox moderators they helped me when my thumbnail was moderated, message them about his issue and they should respond you have to be patient tho because it can take 1 or 2 days for them to contact you back

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According to the OP, the advertisement wasn’t moderated. The Mod Review Requests group can’t help you in that case.

Developer Relations also isn’t the correct department for this, they only manage the DevForum and Developer Hub.

You can either wait for a response from a forum member who can help you, or contact Roblox Support.