Add a Captcha to the comments section

###Enough is enough.

I am sick and tired of all the spam comments on games. I feel like I need to make another post on this, even though it has been posted before.

I made a mock-up version of what it may look like on, but I am going to repost the images here.

It is so simple to add this feature and I am genuinely surprised that nothing has been done about it yet.

At the start, the ‘Post Comment’ button is greyed out until someone types something and completes the captcha.

Then, when the user typed something and has completed the captcha, the ‘Post Comment’ button will return to normal, allowing the user to comment.

If this one single feature is added, the comment spam will be reduced dramatically. Never in my 5 years of being on ROBLOX have I seen spam as bad as this.

The fact that popular developers have to close their comments, a way of receiving feedback for their games, shocks me, that it has come down to this.

Please reconsider.


And @mods please dont merge this with another forum post. This needs to be a standalone post.

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A nice thing to do as well would be to block any previously moderated comments from being posted again. If ‘builderman is my dad nad he siad psot this on 99996999999 games to get -292 robux!111’ is moderated, it shouldn’t ever be allowed to be posted again (at least for X amount of time; rules do change). That in conjunction with this might make comments actually useful to developers and prospective players.


I was thinking that, but the moderators would have a lot of work to do blocking every spam comment.


The idea would be that if it were moderated, it should just be auto-blocked. Would probably end up being slightly more involved than that, but the principle would remain the same.

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I feel like this observation means they have already considered adding captchas before but rejected the idea. The problem is that we don’t see feedback often on web features/bugs, so they never tell us that they’ve considered these kind of things and we keep suggesting them because it seems obvious to us. I don’t know enough about the technical/social deficits of captchas to point out what the reason for not adding them would be though.


Well I am hoping that this thread will do something about it.

Im not sure why nothing has been done yet, people have been complaining for years.


I would love to get an admins response on this.


Support, I was literally going to make a post about this soon too but didn’t get round to it.

I don’t see what the excuse for not adding it could be.
In another thread I also suggested making comments require playing the game, or having a verified email. Any of these three (including captcha) would practically solve the comments issue overnight.

Specific to this request; I think the captcha should only show when you click Post Comment, as that seems more intuitive to me than greying out a button.

I posted this video on the other thread and I’m going to post it here too because just wow. Seriously something has to be done about this


Was JUST about to post this video, but you got there before me. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a perfect example, and I thank you on making it.


Did you like the subliminal message on one of the mock-up images?


I saw that lol


Thought you would :wink:

This wouldn’t be a simple UI change though, the bots use the comment API which doesn’t matter if the post button is disbaled or not. They can even post while comments are disabled entirely.

Capchas aren’t as magical as you guys seem to think they are.

There are services that allow you to crack a capcha for under a cent, USD. The reason these bots are posting scams is because they profit off of it. Spending $1 for 100 posts isn’t going to hinder them.

So now we’ll have bots still spamming, except we’ve added an extra step for legitimate users to complete. Doesn’t sound good to me.

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Then can we go with one of the other suggested methods? This is a legitimate issue and it needs to be dealt with somehow, whether it be as I suggested (preventing an exact copy of a comment previously moderated) or as MasterDaniel suggested (require playing the game/having a verified email). This is getting out of hand, and something needs to be done about it.

As a side note, I find the idea that captchas are that easy to break incredibly hard to believe, purely because of the astronomical bounty associated with finding a reliable way around them, but I trust you to know more about that than me. The end result is the same either way.

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They’ve evolved

Seriously though how did they get the green money signs in the comments. It’s making them look scary legitimate

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They’re just emojis.

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