Add a Category about Community Rules questions

As a developer, it’s not always clear if I’m following the Community Rules and it would be helpful to have a dedicated category in the forum to ask questions related to these rules.

For example, there is a community rule that says:

Don’t build a game or experience that encourages (or redirects) users to go off Roblox

As well as:

encouraging users to go to unpermitted offsite links, content, or services is also not allowed.

Yet, the Wonder Woman game was created in partnership with Roblox (I think) and promotes navigating to a non-permitted website (i.e. HBO Max) to watch the movie. In the game’s description, it says: “See Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters and on HBO Max December 25th.”

It’d be helpful to have a dedicated category in the forum where I can ask a question like if I can use similar language in my game.


This would also be useful to ask about like formatting.

Like how to do certain things like big text, bold text, dropdown list, etc.

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You get answers to those questions by reading the community rules??? HBO may have its own website but you generally watch it on your tv, so it’s not even considered offsite…

This isn’t needed, and if you have to ask if something is against the rules, it probably is.

That is unrelated, it is not against the rules to format your posts incorrectly, although it can be a little annoying to others.

There is an unofficial formatting guide.


I don’t mean like formatting exactly, more like special text things. Like how do I make dropdown lists, idk.

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Which is included in the topic.


Maybe not just rules questions, but a category for asking general questions about the forums. Where people who are new or others who don’t know certain features can ask questions

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Oh okay, didn’t know that. thanks

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that would be #forum-feedback:forum-help


Oh didn’t know that existed mb

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Asking such questions to standard developers here would, most of the time, get you no more than simple speculation - especially when asking about rules within a grey area. Roblox Support would be a far more appropriate place to ask these questions since you would be more likely to receive accurate answers.


That’s a fair point, I’m looking for more than speculation and that would require input from Roblox employees. I’ve seen Roblox employees active on some subjects and would hope for something similar.

Currently Roblox Support doesn’t have an option for something like proactively asking for clarification on a community rule. It would be helpful to add that. That being said, I feel like clarification on a community rule would be helpful to make visible to the community and the forum might be the best place to do that.

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That seems intentional. If a staff member makes a mistake while clarifying it could get you and them in trouble, so they usually don’t give individual advice.

which would only be “since X game does it, you’re fine” even though it is clearly stated in the community rules that it is not, check out some topics in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

I find that reading the rules and sprinkling a bit of common sense is the best way to stay safe, and thus, such category would not be needed.

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Any specific topics that come to mind?

I shared a specific example in my original question… I’ve read the rules and I like to think I have some common sense, but I’m still struggling to understand the bounds of the rules.

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It is. With a partnership, Roblox will openly promote who they’re sponsoring, as well as any offsite links. This is only allowed if Roblox themselves do it (meaning the site is safe). That’s why it’s called Community Rules (assuming they don’t apply to roblox staff)

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It’s not clear that a game is a “partnered game” – there is nothing on the Wonder Woman game page that says it was made in partnership with Roblox. It’s only through my own research was I able to discover that.

Without that disclaimer that this game is a partner game and allowed to break the Community Rules, any game developer might think that it’s ok to promote HBO Max or direct people to an offsite service.

That’s somewhat besides the point though. This confusion is the exact reason it’d be helpful to have a dedicated place to ask questions like this.

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Additionally, players being able to earn avatar shop items directly in-game should already suffice (since UGC creators/developers currently do not have that ability)

I’d also like to add that there’s another forum feature request kind of related to this that you can show support for:


I’m bumping this, as it would still be very nice to have.


I’m not sure this is necessary. Clarifying community rules could stretch beyond development on Roblox, which would be inappropriate and encourage non-developers to use this forum. Also see: