Add a #platform-usage-support category to prevent off topic posts

Hello everyone. Before I begin, yes, I know this has been requested before, however the request is old and contains outdated content.

I believe we need to add a new category to #help-and-feedback. All too often, users have questions about roblox studio features and tools. These users end up posting topics in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, #help-and-feedback:building-support, and #help-and-feedback:game-design-support. This creates an unnecessary spamming of posts, and wastes the time of people who are trying to help others. Recently, I had a question about roblox studio features, but could not get the question solved as no such category existed. This would help everybody on the forum, as most of the time these studio questions which are in the wrong categories go unanswered. Also, this map help clear a small amount of the clutter in #development-discussion.

Adding this would also help newer developers. I remember opening studio for the first time, it was very confusing, and it took hours of learning to understand all the tools, and to this day I don’t know how to use some features. This would greatly improve the development experience as I could finally ask questions about certain tools. The DevHub docs are helpful, but sometimes you cannot find the answer, but also do not want to make a post in the incorrect

Side note: Due to the fact that I, along with other members do not have access to #lounge, we do not have a correct place to post these questions. I do NOT support opening up the lounge for members, just look at #development-discussion.

Example post for new category.

Hello Everyone,

I had a quick question about studio that I would like answered. The other day I noticed that a new plugin appear at the top of my plugins bar. After some research, I found it was the align tool. Here is a picture of my plugin bar:

As you can see, my plugin bar is filled to the brim. Is there any way to disable these plugins? Thanks! :grinning:

Yes, I actually have that question, please don’t answer it here, if you want to answer it via DMs.

Add #platform-usage-support?
  • Yes!
  • No.

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TL;DR: There currently is not a place to get questions about studio answered, which creates spam posts in other categories.



Not only studio, but the website and engine. We get stuff like “how much robux should i spend on advertising” or just general issues with the website. Engine support would be for asking questions about the engine which I and possibly many others often have.


I agree 100%. Today only I saw 10 topics on “how much robux do i spend on game??? help pls!!!” We need a new category so people who actually want to help people in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support help actual topics.


I would prefer one catch-all category for support questions like this, calling it #platform-usage-support or something. The main concern I see with doing this though is it turning into a catch-all for misc. posts that belong in #lounge.


I have that fear too, however I really like the idea of #platform-useage-support. The reality is that members will always misuse categories one way or another, I guess at this point it’s damage control mode; it’s probably better to have this category being misused than #development-discussion.

You could argue however that usage of the platform for the purpose of development fits into #development-discussion just fine under the revised category About. Technically these kinds of posts should currently go there.


I see this being a problem if a website support category is added, since it would lead to stuff like rants about moderation on roblox but a studio/engine support would be amazing.

I feel that the criteria should be reverted to how it was, it’s currently too broad, and honestly I don’t think that putting engine-related questions should go in #development-discussion, as it’s not really discussion as it is help and feedback.

I edited the name to reflect the idea that was come up by @PeZsmistic.

I’m all for this idea.

When I initially joined the DevForum, I noticed that almost all of the topics had to do with things being done in studio, not studio itself. I would probably use this “Platform Usage Support” category at least once if it was added.


I’m bumping this thread as this is still relevant. I’ve linked below a couple of posts that do not fit in the category they are placed in, due to the fact that there is not such category.

Please consider adding this as a category, it’s a bit annoying to always see these topics in the wrong category.


I was replying to a person who put the post into Building Support, and I only replied telling him how to fix the problem. I did not choose the category the poster did.

Apologies, I did not mean to link your comment, I meant to link OP. I’m not saying these people did anything wrong, there isn’t a place for them to post these questions.

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Oh right thanks for letting me know.

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I agree with this.

Yes, while this will stop questions such as, “Roblox Studio Not Functioning Correctly” (in catergories such as #development-discussion) However, I fear that (before pa gets revamped), that people will start putting roblox platform features/bugs in there. It would stop around half the off topic posts in development discussion, however, people would resort to putting platform bugs/features in #platform-usage-support (if there is going to be one).


I’m not sure this is terrible- sometimes people have visual bugs that they may want to ask the community about, and then if they find out it’s not just them, they can go ahead and send it to PA, which hopefully comes back.

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I’m not saying this idea is terrible by any means.

Yes, that is the case, but there are people who are confident the “bug” they found is not just them. I had many “bug” reports, however, I found out that it was just me for most of them.

Also, it would be more effective if #platform-usage-support category gets added after pa gets added.

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I have to totally agree with this. I see many ask questions about the platform in #development-discussion. This could’ve been easily avoided if another category was available. It also creates less clutter in other categories.


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I’m bumping this thread, recently I’ve seen posts that would go in this new category go into #development-discussion and #forum-feedback. This is necessary, and I feel that the more time going on without this, more off-topic threads will happen.

Edit: Added poll.


I hope this category gets added soon, YouTube tutorials are outdated.