Add a custom message when inviting a friend to a game

Most people don’t like the default message it says whenever you invite someone to a game on roblox via the roblox players settings in a game. Even if they do, there needs to be a change to this feature. I’m talking about adding a custom message to the invite message, a few options to make this feature work out well is whenever a player decides to invite a player to a game once they click “Invite” on whoever they want to invite, it’ll send you to another UI allowing you to keep the default invite message or add a custom message to the invite. To keep the default message all you have to do is click “Invite” and to put in a custom message type in the box above the button, then click “Invite” afterwards. Possibly the other UI looking something similar to this:

If not there’s loads of different ideas to add for the UI, I just picked one of the best ones and most simple designs. I came up this idea due to the fact whenever you invite someone to your game, or another game to join you. They will be confused of why you want them to join you in a game, so with this feature you can set them straight and get them to understand why you invited them.

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I’m on a dilemma here. While yes, the message is a bit bland. Most users wouldn’t care to read it and would join nonetheless. I don’t think a message would help here. But I do think your last point really should apply, I’m surprised this has not been implemented already. But like I said above, not many players read the message anyway and head to the Play button.