Add a dark theme for studio


Having a dark theme for studio would be great for the many developers that prefer to not be blinded constantly

Some examples of IDEs that have dark themes:


Could we have the line numbers use the background + text color, as well as the white gap that has the arrows for function blocks?

Studio dark mode
Dark Mode (Please)
Dark Mode (Please)

In addition to this, it would be nice to have an option for darkening the entirety of the Studio interface (not including the world view).


Why not darken your monitor or computer screen? Also if you darken studio, you'll be building on a darker scheme than the actual in-game. It possibly may make it too bright for other people when they join because it's darker on your screen.


Darker scheme wouldn't affect the actual rendering of the game, just the studios UI


I assumed "the entirety of studio" included, well, everything you physically saw. But just darkening the UI sounds useful :stuck_out_tongue:


Current status:

Seriously, Roblox developers are a subset of Flux users. Could you make a separate feature request for this?


I'll edit this one seeing as it serves the same purpose


hey how did you know that?


literally when


Might as well just give us full color options like we have for the script editor. Could make such a dope red and black theme


Whoa what, how are you doing that?


Open up the RobloxStudioRibbon.xml file, then set themeoptions to true. You'll get to choose from like 10 themes, including a neat windows 7 one.

Also, gonna mention how none of those IDEs anti-feature a Ribbon UI.

New constraints are live!

Why is this not enabled by defautl!?

Also, how do I get an entirely dark one?


How do you choose the theme once you've changed the parameter?
I can't find it anywhere in the settings.



Two problems:

  1. That enables some ugly MS Office themes; i.e. nothing very dark.
  2. We're requesting a setting. This definitely isn't something that people should have to change XML for.

My best guess is that Dummiez switched out the QtitanRibbon DLL.


Yeah my post wasn't meant to be a surrogate solution, just an answer to clonetrooper's question.


For me it is saying "Access Denied".

What am I doing wrong?

Nevermind, I changed it, but no "Theme Options" button is appearing.


Yeah I know about the theme options.
what I'm curious to know, is how you got that particular theme? is it built in?


Most importantly, we need it to be a dark screen with lime green text so everyone knows that we are hacking into the mainframe.