Add a dark theme for studio



Most popular card in feature requests after two days. Democracy ftw.


That was fast.


My phone beeped to let me know it was put under voting complete. Does that mean approval or potential approval?


Potential approval.


My concern would be icons. You'd have to create a whole new set of icons for a dark theme, right? Not to mention that most dark themes have a sort-of "flat" UI design to them, which would not match the current icon scheme.

But in general the idea of a dark theme sounds awesome.


That's the idea behind the Trello board. We may not implement exactly what gets voted on, but the voting gives us an idea of what's missing.




It might just be me, but Visual Studio's dark theme is gorgeous

Nothing fancy, but it still looks professional and feels accessible--basically the UI equivalent of pulling off business casual. It would be awesome if Studio took after it in some way or another.
Just my 2c.


I remember looking through the ROBLOX client's code, did you know a lot of the icons are from a publicly licensed icon provider?

I don't remember what website it was (it states it in some licensing document), but some of the same icons are used on other programs too.


Which, in my opinion, is great! The whole point of a productivity-oriented UI is familiarity; you don't need to learn a new way to do things each time you go to a new program. Looking for a specific icon is a good way to build that. We recognize color schemes and shapes faster than text.


It's blocked.


Looks like its in progress now! :smiley:


It's still 'in progress' but it's also still blocked


Oh what



Why aren't these options available in Studio settings? Why hide them away?


Because the different themes look pretty horrible. The icons are only designed for one, and the themes won't change the background colors of the different windows correctly. Something incomplete like that wouldn't be shipped.

(should also note that the themes are third-party)


Any updates on this? It's been a while since we heard anything about it. Have any more complications aside from new icons being needed popped up?