Add a dark theme for studio


We haven't forgotten about this. We're working on a software library update that will make this (and other improvements) a lot easier for us.


Honestly, I think a “dark” theme is overdoing it. Ribbon Bar is completely white, so even just having a few gray tones like System Menu does is improvement. I’d much rather have soft grays than dark grays/blues.

EDIT: Office 2010 Silver gets a thumbs up from me. Easy grays and some contrast, and the scrollbars are no longer a guessing game. Only thing that needs changing is the File button and the Explorer background when no place is loaded, and the body font color being changed from gray to black (text in properties, explorer, and settings).


No way. I'd prefer a huge reduction in overall brightness. I personally can't even use Studio (or anything without a dark theme) at night with the lights off anymore, it's too painful.



Maybe we could have a "custom" option where you can choose to use either light or dark themed buttons and then have control over the rest of the colors that studio uses for people who want some in-between color schemes?
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I don't know too much about the details of this project, aside from it's waiting on our upgrade. @Seranok would know more.


What's the progress on this? Also I found a total hack for getting a dark theme on Studio. Kinda wish I didn't need to do this

Enable Magnifier tool on Windows
Set to 100% Zoom and Fullscreen, and enable Colour Inversion
Add a ColorCorrectionEffect to Studio and set the Brightness to -2.

Best used on single monitor setups and having Studio in fullscreen.
Major cons are inaccurate GUI colors and part color selection.


It's "BLOCKED" atm


That sucks, Voted and Subscribed to the card.


The upgrade Silent137 was talking about in October apparently rolled out last week, so that's good


Yes please! :wink:

Dark theme = so much appreciated!


I believe it's blocked until all assets are complete.

Quotes from this thread:


@Silent137 @Seranok Hey, Just asking for an update on this (if any) - I don’t know but I believe Qt5 went live, so hopefully this will no longer be blocked? :smiley:


What about inverting colours on Windows?


Yeah, but you won’t be able to develop properly with inverted colours.


Inverted colors is obviously not a solution.

We really need a dark theme though, every other application I use in tandem with roblox supports it (photoshop, discord, etc). Late night development hurts the eyes more with roblox studio


Don’t even need to fully read the post, 100% support this and hope to see it added in the future.


Not-night development with Roblox studio almost hurts my eyes already


We need a program which can emulate it or something. I don’t know any language besides English lol.


@Seranok mentioned during the Client/Studio QA panel at RDC that the major blocker for a dark theme is asset design now that Qt5 has rolled out. This seems like a perfect opportunity for community-sourcing – that’s very inline with ROBLOX as a UGC platform.