Add a dark theme for studio


I’d like to see something like in Blender, where all of the colors are linked together if they’re the same. This way, we can change the background, borders, and other things all very quickly - then save it as a theme file and reload it later. As for icons, it would be a lot easier to make the background transparent than to redesign the entire fleet. I remember somebody mentioning this at RDC and I think it can be avoided.



PLEASE, lord




Full support!

This would really fit with my theme for script editing (which I had to remove recently because it was contrasting too much with studio), and possibly would benefit others who likes to adjust there scripts into a “dark theme”.


Someone update us on this progress.


Please update us


pls. ^


Sadly I don’t think we’ll get an update on this.
Hope it didn’t fail.


You guys are not going to get an update on most of anything during the holiday season :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps they could gift us an update on its progress… :disappointed_relieved:


The present of saving my eyes.
I’m for it!


They are most likely working on this feature because of the insane amount of supports that it has.


I hope so


Hey hey hey any updates on this <3 ?


Absolutely no support.

There are infinitely many studio features that deserve attention before this. Trying to maintain a dark theme on a cross platform UI is an absolutely massive time sink, it’s just a never-ending torrent of little tiny problems that still make the dark theme unusable and have to be fixed. For example, if you miss changing the text color on a single bit of text somewhere in the UI, and the developer ends up needing that bit of text, they now can’t use the dark theme until you’ve fixed it, because that text is going to be unreadable black on black. Repeat that situation approximately 1000 times until you finally get every last bit of the UI touched up.

I personally prefer a dark theme if there is one, but it doesn’t really matter. Not having a dark theme isn’t what’s holding anyone back from being productive.


I have my monitor brightness set to 13% and contrast at 39%, and have had it around these values for almost the entirety of the past decade. I have little desire for a studio dark theme.
To those complaining about their eye health: what is your brightness & contrast set to? Have you ever considered setting it to somewhere below the default? Is it too much to ask to look for solutions that are in your control first?


Phone screens too. I have no idea why people have them set so bright. Having my phone screen at greater than 70% brightness is like staring into the sun.


I find f.lux to be rather ideal, it is a feature built-in to windows (nightlight) and android (blue light filter?) as well now and even at full brightness the lack of blue light makes it much less straining to the eyes.


If you’re manually having to change everything and not making a color theme that changes certain elements and having it auto apply, you’re doing something wrong.
Eg: Text Color = #,#,# Window Frame Color = #,#,# Icon Pack = DarkPack
etc etc

Sure there may be more important features, but I don’t find that to be grounds to completely deny a feature, just lower its priority.