Add a dark theme for studio


This can be a very hacky solution if you’re building, you can easily fix the inverted color.

You’d probably have an issue with UI being inverted, so your best bet is to wait for the dark theme release. I wouldn’t do this though if you have multiple monitors as the inversion on Windows kinda messes everything else up.


How come the workspace isn’t inverted but the rest of Studio is?


I revoke that, I just noticed how. Thanks


pleaseeee make this happen


VOUCH. I want this feature :slight_smile:


This was said it’s being looked into - paraphrasing, the engineers at RDC said the main issue is getting all the icons redone. When that is finished, :ok_hand:


O yes :ok_hand:


Any updates on this? Whenever I use Studio at night (most of the time), I’m wishing for a dark theme. I’ve got everything else dark-themed, but I switch to studio and it’s super bright.

I wouldn’t mind some sort of experimental flag to enable a dark mode without icons for everything, or with bad-looking icons because they’re meant for the light theme. That’s better than the light theme.


Support. Just about every other professional IDE like Visual Studio and Eclipse supports dark themes so why can’t Studio. Personally I prefer dark themes over light themes because I just think they look way better and they also save battery life if you’re someone like me who spends a lot of time coding on a laptop away from a charger. Lowering screen brightness just isn’t that useful because sometimes I need a good brightness to notice specific details on builds which I can’t see when the brightness is low.


I’d really love to see this feature ASAP.


Going to add my support to this. For some reason I prefer to use the dark theme all times. No matter whether day or night.

And it’s not only Studio. If we could get a dark theme for the website (black/red goes very well imo) that would be even greater. (OBC theme of ROBLOX+ helps but it doesn’t really do the cut)


How’s this feature going? It needs to be done ASAP!!


It’s not confirmed.

Guys,, it’s literally an eye saver.


I think this is also a natively supported feature now on both Windows and Mac!


But it makes your screen ugly


Just played Garry’s Mod for the first time and noticed a ton of the icons were the same as roblox studio’s lol


Yup, they both use the Silk Icon Pack. It’s pretty frequently used, low resolution but gets the point out well.


While Studio is based off of the Microsoft program, allowing you to change to the various colors that the Microsoft program allows you to pick, a reformed dark theme is something that I and many developers have wanted for a while now. I don’t see any real reason why we can’t have it.

Many eyes will be saved in the making of this dark theme.


Can we please have a dark mode for Studio? It would really help out people who suffer from sensitive eyes including myself. Either that or the ability to manually change studio layout colors. A lot of us here use studio for hours on end the the dark colors would help us out a ton with headaches and such.

Thanks so much for reading! This is just a friendly suggestion.


Even better : Allow developers to mix and match any colors for their theme. If I wanted a black background with cyan blue text, I should have the ability to do so.