Add a 'featured' bar to game search

Hello! My name is FxllenCode, and I have some ideas on how to improve the roblox search system.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to gain traction on smaller games that have lot’s of competition. Recently, roblox has pushed an update to the search system, and frankly, it was very underwhelming. I was very excited that finally, I can start getting organic visits. But that’s not that happened. Multiple developers have reported issues with this update. The original post about this is here.

I have also had a serious problem with this update, my game, C h a i n Aesthetic Homestore, does not appear under the terms, Homestore, Aesthetic Homestore, or even the direct name, C h a i n Aesthetic Homestore.

This is outrageous, as it prevents my game from getting any organic visits. Games that don’t even have the word Aesthetic in it will show up instead of ours.

My suggestion is to create a “Featured” bar for common queries, such as obby, tycoon, team, multiplayer, piggy, murder, homestore, etc. This is would fit next to the recommended game, which was added in the latest roblox update. You would have to fill out an application to get featured here, and the requirements would not have to do with player count, like many current featured spots do.

This is help increase growth for smaller games who are shut-out by spammy games that will show up on unrelated queries.

Thank you so much, and if you would like more info, please message me here, I would be happy to help!

FxllenCode :slight_smile:


chain aesthetic homestore now brings up your game.


That’s a lovely update! I just went through and looked at aesthetic homestore, sadly irrelevant results still show up. I can give you more in depth info via DMs if you would like.

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