Add a filter to the devforum

I am suggesting we add a filter to the devforum. We could filter out negativity and profanity and other inappropriate stuff. It would work similarly to the Roblox site filter, where inappropriate things are filtered.

Examples of things that would be filtered
“Your build looks terrible”
“Shut up”
“That’s a stupid idea”
As well as any inappropriate words

Why do we need this: we need this because I see a lot of people talking about how the devfourm is toxic and I think this amazing addition would help it because a friendly environment!


Flags exist for reporting harassment or otherwise toxic comments, it won’t be able to detect context, and those seem to be too specific of strings to be filtered, there are ways around this


Please no. If someone is being toxic they should just be banned from the forum, the last thing we need is some type of filter that makes it harder to communicate with each other.


Reports exist over on Roblox but there’s still a filter there.

This could be an issue although there’s no good reason why anyone would use profanity for example

No. Flag inappropriate posts. No filter is sophisticated enough to correctly moderate discussion, and this place is 13+ so there are no legal obligations to do so. DET is doing a fine job. People do not use profanity here already and if they do, DET handles the issue fine. Please do not create feature requests about issues that you cannot show exist.


I don’t understand, I am talking about the flag feature here. And there needs to be a filter for legal reasons on, otherwise Roblox couldn’t allow minors. And the devforum is 13+

Private categories allow mild profanity, and again devforum is 13+, so it shouldn’t be too bizarre to see an occasional swear

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The whole point of the forum is to allow for mature communication between developers. The Roblox filter is notorious for mercilessly (and often incorrectly) censoring content. Adding a similar filter when it’s completely unnecessary (considering rule-breaking users are always dealt with swiftly) would make this communication more difficult for no good reason.

When 98% of forum users don’t use profanity and aren’t toxic whatsoever, implementing a filter which would affect everybody just wouldn’t be an appropriate countermeasure. I don’t think any countermeasures are necessary for this issue regardless since DET do a remarkable job of policing the forum anyway.


This sounds like a great idea, but just like the Roblox chat filter, it can also censor things that are appropriate, and since everyone on the DevForum is 13+, there does not need to be a filter to censor words. Think about a script someone would post.

local variable = math.random(1,3)

if variable == 1 then

Imagine it appearing like this with a filter

##### variable = #####random(###)

if variable #### then

It would be impossible to understand! Now I highly doubt that it would appear exactly like that, but it was just an example i made up.

Another reason why there should not be a filter on here is because some people use profanity to add emphasis to their response. I personally do not use profanity but many people use it to add emphasis (ex. “display names are a [insert profanity here] bad idea”), and all of us are 13+, so we are all used to profanity.

And if someone ever says something disrespectful, that’s what the flags are for, and the moderators will take care of that.

And finally, just out of curiosity who here would want a filter on the DevForum?

Should there be a filter on the DevForum?
  • Yes
  • No

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I think that your idea is good, but if it were t be applied to the dev forum, it wouldn’t be useful. ROBLOX tried doing the same thing by adding a filter, but it ended up being terrible. Now nobody uses Roblox’s communication features to communicate. It’s very difficult to use and it limits a majority of the things you can say.

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I have never saw inapropriate stuff here. Expect some flame wars but that’s only it. As said here previously, you are allowed to swear on forum unless you attack someone and everyone here is 13+. Let me remind that filter on roblox was created to censor mainly such things as giving phone number, addresses, curse words, emails etc.

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Absolutely not. Text filters on this forum would be horrible. Besides, this community is 13+ as previously stated. If it was inappropriate, please flag the posts instead of going about and complaining on their post and, most importantly, don’t feed the trolls.


“Your build looks terrible” is a subjective opinion, if it’s followed by constructive criticism then I don’t see a problem with taking an hit.

Would you want the dislikes on games to be removed as well for this sole reason? That feels more like censoring opinions on something just because the OP doesn’t want to accept flaws to improve upon.

Nope,Nope and Nope

You all know how bad that filters can get and if they move a filter it could cause issues such as

  • Not being to state an opinion
  • Not being able to say numbers and code

Anyways this community is 13+ and is actually a
nice community since we know what to say and also the flags remove the post anyway
Cool idea but in my opinion isn’t completely necessary


I really do not agree with you. Everyone here SHOULD be 13+. and it would make it hard to communicate through the forum. its not the greatest idea


No, just no. We already have a hard enough time talking in regular Roblox communication modes, don’t get me started on private chatting. Why would we want that on here? This place is 13+ only. There isn’t anyone under 13 here, well at least I hope so. Plus the filter doesn’t understand the difference between sarcasm and non-sarcasm.

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I would have to disagree with this. The Developer Forum is meant to be professional. The users who join here are expected to act mature and abide by the rules. by adding this feature, it will defeat the purpose of calling this forum professional. It will be assumed that this forum is just a playground at this point.

If there are bad noodles breaking the rules, just flag them and move on. Don’t engage with them, they are just trying to gain attention. Don’t let those bad noodles be the cause for these restrictions, we shouldn’t need to be treated like children.